Race Pro - 12 New Screenshots

Here are 12 new shots from Race Pro. Even though the damage may not be as detailed as that of GRID or DiRT, it is still a significant improvement over the previous SimBin titles. Also, there are quite a number of internal cockpit visuals, which give us a good look at the details of the dashboard and much more. Check them out below.

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Speed-Racer3616d ago

These look comparably better than the last batch I've seen. It mightn't be the next GT5 but it's still quite decent. ALso considering the focus is on the driving/physics, it would be a worthwhile but for the Xbox.

InMyOpinion3616d ago

Especially if you got a racing wheel =)

I'm afraid it will be too much of a sim for me though, but I might like it if it's not impossibly difficult.

creeping judas3616d ago

The game has several levels of difficulties. You can apparently even make it an arcade racer if that's the level of sim you want. And of course full blown sim for all those that like it that way.

TheColbertinator3616d ago

I saw the screenshots and game in motion.Forza 2,GT5,and GRID crush Race Pro in terms of graphics.

Hopefully the career mode and car selection is deep

Faztkiller3616d ago

Agree with u except Forza 2 its starting showing it age
im not expecting to much from this game

Man_of_the_year3616d ago

I agree that Forza2's graphics are starting to show its age - however its customization, physics and all around simulation still puts it on a pedestal higher than any racing game out so far this gen on any console...(PC not included as it is not a console.)

MUGEN3616d ago

These are much better pics of the game and show that the quality is up there with the PC versions.

I downloaded a few old GTR demos a few days ago and I have to say these images are very close to the PC version with medium/high settings.

Can't wait for the demo next month.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

This game has a long way to go if it's going to compete with the Gran Turismo Franchise.

Chicken Chaser3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

huh? Gran Turismo games are scoring poorer with every new game released


PS1-Gran Turismo (1988)-96
PS1-Gran Turismo 2 (1999)-93
PS2-Gran Turismo 3 (2001)- 95
PS2-Gran Turismo 4 (2005)- 89
PS3-Gran Turismo HD Concept (2006)-82
PS3-Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (2008)-80

Why o why3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

ok, granted you may be a little pissed that somebody mentioned GT for no real reason other than its still the no 1 driving sim but to use meta as the de facto in quality is soo 2007. Meta is flawed. I thought we learnt that. Im sure the next real GT will be better than the rest and ill also consider that back in the day when GT first came out there were NO real competitors. Now there are a few quality sims available so scores may reflect that as some of the other games may do some things better than gt. Please leave the metacritic in 08. Its not what true gamers rely on. Its just another thing to argue over and segregate gamers when the defacto should be the game and your enjoyment not some crappy flawed meta system.

I KNOW, just like most of us, that there are games that have scored badly on metacritic that you have really enjoyed. We dont need a meta OR we should use a meta of sites that we trust. I dont trust every site cause this year has proven to me that they are or can be used a tools and the quality of gaming journalism and sites has been exposed on MANY occasions therefore why would i trust a compiled score that includes these very same sites, not only that but some are given more credence over others and we have zero indication as to who or why they do. Meta = flawed.

I dont even care that 2 of the highest scoring games on meta are on my preferred platform. I say this because MGS4 got more perfect scores than ANY other game on meta yet the average method that they use didnt reflect that so for me something is suspect. We have elevated meta to the 'de facto' status which they do not deserve at this point in time.

Ill also say that this game has got time to improve so ill judge it when its finished. It definitely needs work though as there is better out there at this point in time.

Merry X-Mas everybody

Chicken Chaser3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Thats the problem..i don't think its the #1 driving sim anymore.. i find really funny how people ignore the fact that other driving sims like Forza Motorsport are scoring higher than Gran Turismo games and they still say GT is the best sim racer .. I'm gonna give credit where its due ...and scores don't lie ...Gran Turismo games are scoring lower compared to other racing games. Meta is just an average created for all the scores..i don't think its flawed neither it makes a game good or bad..just showing my point ...for me..if there's a sim racer to beat ..Its Forza Motorsport ..not Gran Turismo

Why o why3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Ill wait for the FULL GT not the DEMO after which ill decide. Plus your preference is the 360 and most people who prefer the 360 prefer Forza, its not rocket science and please dont get me started on scores for games this gen. Ive seen sites nitpick at gt5p because a 'lack of customizable paintjobs'

Also if you feel any site included in meta is flawed then meta itself is flawed. There's no transparency in the credence or selection process which is all decided by 'A' guy. Your top 5 most trusted sites may give great scores to you best game but some dodgy site with an agenda can lower that very same score and thats my point its manipulatable and has been which then filters to the 'u know whats' as fodder for BS arguments. Leave it in 08. Ill listen to your opinion over a compilation of numbers from questionable sources tbh

'scores dont lie' did you really just say that? What 'too much variety' wasn't enough? Cumon man, even the most ardent 360 fan can see that halo is not a 10 for story or graphics, lets be real and honest. Art styles one thing but sub hd and pretty colours does not equate to a 10 in graphics especially after looking at that target render advert thing (looked kool btw). Im sure you can pull up a dodgy score for a ps3 game too if you looked but thats just my point scores can lie. They have been doing it for the whole of this gen.
@ Jenzo

i suppose crash damage plus photo realistic graphics will put an end to that notion WHEN gt5 is released with about a zillion cars and tracks on the br disk including concepts

InMyOpinion3616d ago

After games like GTR and even Forza came out it's not right to call Gran Turismo a simulator.

2 cents3616d ago

I`m waiting for the full GT5 before i make a comment on it, but so far GT5P has given me more playing time than Forza2 did. Sure Forza2 is a good, but with no weather variations, no c0ckpit view, and no much variation between class types, the game got boring after just six weeks of playing it. There are no open wheel class and no rally either.

Wile3616d ago

And you needed to mention GT because...? ah nevermind we know the answer. From now on, you can post a blankspace in an article with is only related to XBOX360. Judging from your comment history we know the what you are going to say anyway.

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