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New Unreal Tournament 3 screens

Unreal Tournament 3 has been getting a lot of coverage lately and these new screen shots should hold people off for a little while. The best part about these screens isn't so much the beautiful graphics, but the way the vehicles look. There's some interesting looking machines in this in game which aren't in your standard FPS titles. There's the giant tri-pod looking machine straight out of "War of the Worlds", as well as hover bikes, and your futuristic looking tanks. (PC, PS2, PS3, Unreal Tournament III, Xbox 360)

DJ  +   2966d ago
I've said it before
I'll say it again. This game looks Swwweeet!
Chagy  +   2948d ago
yes it does
its great
theGreat1  +   2966d ago
The hype machine just keeps rollin for Epic.
These guys just wont quit! Their games are taking them to the top of the development ladder and with Gears then this it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.
techie  +   2966d ago
Those screens actually make me scared. They are too good to be true. If technology can do that...I'm speechless. Wahhhhhhh (self-implodes)
theGreat1  +   2966d ago
You cannt compair to Crysis
Crysis is on a whole different level and just wipes it's azz with everything else at the moment. So besides Crysis, UT3 is one sweetest lookin games in production.
dantesparda  +   2965d ago
Crysis does look good, but while im not saying that the 360 version wont look this good (UT3) it just looks a little to high-res in the pictures for me. So expect this, but with a bit more aliasing
PS360PCROCKS  +   2966d ago
Um i'm calling bullsh*t, they look amazing but their too perfect to be in-game. Although I am sure the game will resemble these...it will only be slightly better than what we saw with GOW. I'm sorry but theirs a "fake" feel to these pictures
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Dukester101  +   2966d ago
Honestly, if you think about it. UT3 is made by the same company that not only made Gears of War (the best looking Xbox 360 game currently), but they also license out the Unreal 3 engine.

If they did such a successful job with Gears, dont you think that they can only move forward and build upon what they've learned.

Look at Mass Effect, it looks amazing, and it uses the Unreal 3 engine. I dont think they're fakie pictures, I think you guys just underestimate Epic. Makes sense to me, and I think they are in-game (maybe touched up like the Mad World trailer) but still in-game.
dantesparda  +   2965d ago
I agree with xbox360rocks, these pictures are to high res, its got no aliasing at all, it very easy to make the pics look good, but i also agree with him that the game will look like this, only like i said with more aliasing (therefore, lower res looking, though not by much)

And while Mass Effect does look good, once again not quite this perfect. But Crysis, i cant wait, i havent updated my PC since 2003 so i'll be looking forward to upgrading to be able to play these games in alot of their splendor, i wanna see how the G80 and the R600 fight it out first
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Chagy  +   2948d ago
to good
it does look 2 good 2 be true but face it its this good :)
Rasputin2011  +   2966d ago
"Truth be told"
URT3 looks all that and I agree with xbox360rocks Crysis does look a bit "airbrushed" so I will eat my words if in the future the game can pull off real-time gameplay graphics like that.
Xtrm L1481L1TY  +   2965d ago
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MyNameIsNotRick  +   2966d ago
I can't wait
In my opinion, UT2004 was better that halo miltiplayer so this should be great.
no_more_heroes  +   2966d ago
its using DX10 on the PC. These might be PC screens. Oh, this is off topic, but does anyone else keep getting signed off when using the Netscape browser? I used IE 7 for a while and it doesn't do that.
Chagy  +   2948d ago
i havent
PS360PCROCKS  +   2966d ago
It does it all the time to me with IE6 I think is what I got
coolfool  +   2965d ago
Is it me or does this actually look vastly superior to even Gears? Everything just looks crisper and more detailed. I kind of agree, there is a "fake" feel to these pictures. Although it would be amazing if they pulled it off.
PS3n360  +   2965d ago
Gaming 2007
We are in for one hell of a great year. These shots have a soft touched up look about them but i would bet that the objects and models are in game. Gears looks fricken amazing after playing it for 3 months I am still in awe of its graphics and gameplay its so addictive its killing my marriage, so I am sure this game will be equally impressive this will be a great "gears" substitute for PS3 people if the online works out for them.
Peter Moore says  +   2965d ago
I wish this was an Exclusive on the 360, that way mabye we would sell some more consels, darn i should have thought of this earlier.
ReconHope  +   2965d ago
Just die already!
Why do you even exist. lol jk but seriously what's up with your comments dude.
mucho 99  +   2965d ago
this could be the GOW of ps3. Those screens look amazing, dare I say better than GOW. No surpise of course, it's using the same engine and all, but I'm still just shocked.
techie  +   2965d ago
Yuh nice n all but it is on the 360 as well.
techie  +   2965d ago
Yuh nice n all but it is on the 360 as well - which is scary because they have so grasped the 360 platform, so it will look great on there. Though they did say Unreal Tournament 3 was their poster child for the ps3 and GOW was their one for the 360.
Chagy  +   2948d ago
Chagy  +   2948d ago
opps sorry bout that

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