Is Microsoft stooping to the level of the AppStore?

Gaming Nexus: Last week Microsoft unveiled a new user created application from its XNA community that was nothing more than a glorified screensaver of a Hi-Definition fireplace. While on the surface it is cute and seems like it might be a funky little add-on, it quickly became apparent to me that the Xbox 360 Virtual Fireplace was nothing more than a bending-of-the-rules money grab by Microsoft and the person who developed it. The tipping point came when the $5 price tag was revealed.

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Lou-Cipher3616d ago

Do we really need to pay five dollars for fire?

I thought that the 360 caused many fires for free.

Arsenic133616d ago

MS didn't make this thing at all. Its a community game, the creator decided to charge for this crap.

mintaro3616d ago

Exactly, its the devs choice to decide the price.

IdleLeeSiuLung3615d ago

Not only is it dev's choice to price the software, but the community votes on if the software in questions comes through.

Albeit, I'm suprised that a non-gaming related item was put on sale though...

proArchy3615d ago

Isn't the XNA devkit free? If not spending $5 is worth it to you, you could learn to make one yourself for free. probably wouldn't even take that much effort to make a looping image and crackling sound. Programming your 360 to pump out the delicious smell of burning wood for that next-gen realness might be a little trickier though.

Sonyslave33616d ago

wow i guess this dude don't know about xna user created games and screensavers and much more to come

TIKUP3616d ago

Still Microsoft are still Evil! :)

TheMART3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

So how much are the DVD's with fire on it for the fireplace on TV?

And for that PS3 tard above me:

how original your are... MEH

My PS3 actually produces a lot of heat, what's that all about?

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The story is too old to be commented.