THE GAMER: Looking back at a great '08

2008: what a great year to be gamer! Here's a look at the year that was.

On the Xbox 360, we saw some excellent games, got a new "experience" as Microsoft unveiled its new Mii-like avatars and even put out a new version of the Xbox 360 hardware - code-named Jasper - that should boost stability by using smaller, cooler chips that use less power. This was also the year the Xbox 360 outsold the original Xbox, due in large part to the massive price cuts we saw, taking the cheapest of the three packs available, The Xbox 360 Arcade, to $199.

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HDgamer3640d ago

Read and you'll see what I'm talking about. Its just a clever way to bash other consoles.

Sonyslave33639d ago

okay all did is just squash this is the year of ps3 fanboy [email protected] and talk about how ms did good in 08 when fanboys was saying it was doom in 08