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UGO: Crash Commando Review

UGO writes: "You've gotta give it up for developer Epos and their just-released PlayStation Store-exclusive Crash Commando. The fast-paced fragfest for up to 12 players is as straightforward as a game gets. You simply guide a red- or blue-colored soldier between two parallel 2D planes, using whatever ordnance you have equipped to kill your enemies before they do the same to you. There are jetpacks, vehicles, pickups and a variety of other elements to keep things feeling fresh, but it's ultimately the rapid pace – and the satisfying burst of misty, red blood accompanying each kill – which is responsible for Crash Commando's success." (Crash Commando , PS3) B/A+

krouse93  +   2188d ago
I got this game on Friday after it came out on thursday and i personally think this is very fun and addictive game.
DELTABOY04  +   2186d ago
i was so pleasantly surprised!!! this is like the last great game of 2008...10 bucks is a steal for the amount of fun you'll be having with this game.....psn is really stepping their GAME up.

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