Resistance: Retribution : Release Date Hangs in the Air

If you're after Resistance: Retribution (PSP) in Spring 2009 then you'd better keep your calender open for all of February and March as several online retailers are slating different release dates for this game. Check out the site links and release dates below.

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N4360G3647d ago

I can't wait to pick up Resistance:Retribution for my PSP.Next year is going to be an awesome year for SONY!!

- Ghost of Sparta -3647d ago

Insomniac should make a 3rd person Resistance for PS3.

N4360G3647d ago

Yeah they should,third person games like Gears and Socom rock!!

Panthers3645d ago

Im a TPS guy. I would much rather play TPS than FPS games.

DragonWarrior465343646d ago

Its the best shooter I played this year. Better then Gears and Socom. Now back on topic. This game right here gives me a reason to pick a psp again. I heard you could even hook it up to your tv, and use your ps3 controller. Man that is sic!

Danja3645d ago

Thats one of the main reasons why im excited for this game being able to play with the DS3...cuz I really dont like playing shooters on the PSP with the lack of second analog stick