iControlPad Makes iPhone Legit Competitor to Sony PSP

The quality of games for the iPhone is continuously improving and it's only been 6 months since they took the wraps of the App Store. One of my issues and probably quite a few gamers has been the lack of physical buttons. Sure we've got accelerometer support, but touching the screen pales in comparison to good old fashioned hard buttons. A third party manufacturer is making strides towards producing what they call the iControlPad.

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fergy99013640d ago

It's nowhere near as advanced as a PSP in terms of games

I own both a PSP and an iPhone, and although I do have a few games installed on the mobile, the quality of them don't come anywhere near to that of the PSP in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay. Graphically, the games are more comparable to the DS - though things might improve a little in time.

In my view the PSP and DS do not have a real competitor in the form of iPhone at the moment.

SaiyanFury3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I'll say the iPhone is a legitimate competitor, but I still prefer my PSP and my 45 games on it. I don't like Apple and I'm not buying an iPhone just as a gaming device. I have an MP3 player that serves me well and my Blackberry also does me just fine. I think the name of the control pad could use some more thought. "iControlPad"? Not very imaginative.

heosphuros3640d ago

that looks cool, but its not as advanced as a psp in terms of gaming, however looking at the current generation, the wii-360-ds are not as advanced as the ps3-psp so the iphone could be seen as a competitor to the psp, like the ds is. without really challenging it in terms off technology. (touch screen is cool though, but not new)

f7897903640d ago

Kind of dangerous. And how is it connected to the iPhone?

PS360WII3640d ago

That just looks horrible. Devs just need to figure out how to make games with what they have. Gameloft gets it!

3640d ago