The 60 Hottest Games of 2009

"So what does 2009 hold for us all? Can we expect even bigger and better things?

It would most certainly seem so. Even though we're sure that a couple of killer games have not been given their official 2009 scheduling yet (like Mass Effect 2), and more haven't even been announced (we've heard strong rumours about a new Mario adventure) we've still managed to come up with 60 awesome games for next year that are so hot, they may just set your couch on fire as soon as you unwrap the packaging!

So what are those 60 games?" - from gameplayer

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prunchess3647d ago

Apart from the two halo games listed everything else is multiplat.

Cheeseknight283647d ago

Mass Effect 2 may get an announcement/release in '09.

MURKERR3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

completely empty,worrying times for 360 owners

jammy_703647d ago

ps3 has more games and more exclusives 360 didnt have halo it wud have nothing sorry buts its sorta true!

Asurastrike3647d ago

I own both a 360 and a PS3, and I have to say, the PS3 has way more games for 2009. I hope Microsoft announces something.

Cheeseknight283647d ago

Most of the lineups look solid, but I seriously doubt anyone but Japan is getting Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor (DS) next year.

Darkshader3647d ago

Starcraft 2 and KillZone 2

Cheeseknight283647d ago

Starcraft will, but Japan isn't going to care about Killzone.

Foliage3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Does this make the dreaded console war over? I mean if the 360 doesn't show up in 2009 is it really much of a war? It looks like the PS3 has taken 2009 and they still haven't revealed any of the secrets up their sleeves. Another year without any quality games for the 360, I wonder what the 360 kids will do? Oh yeah, replay their 2007 games once again for more achievements and whine about their parents on live.

It's a shame Gears 2 online is so unplayable and Epic just don't care. I was going to dust off the ol' 360 for that game. At least now I don't have to risk RROD and can toss the POS console on ebay before it dies on me. Hey look at the bright side, at least live might not fall apart again this Christmas.

js_mac3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

What insightful, Shakespearian musings. What brilliantly flawless, Einsteinian logic. For a mind like yours the world has no limits.

Here's a clue for Christmas: IT'S NOT A F*CKING COMPETITION!!!!

By-the-way, is that attached picture of your X360 meant to make us all forgive you for your utterly stupid mind? Your babbling rant is even more pathetic now.

Edit: Look at the 'bubbles' this moron has. People actually agree with this vapid waste of life? You lot will be the downfall of society.

Jdoki3647d ago

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion js_mac. And this is the Open Zone...

'08 has been pretty slim for the 360. I've only bought a couple of games for mine - Fable 2 was the big one for me, and I'll be getting Gears 2 tomorrow.

I'm sure MS have a few titles they have yet to announce, but it seems to me that '07 was the peak of gaming for 360 owners.

Foliage3641d ago

js_mac is too dumb to understand the concept of the open zone. I posted in this section from my own free will due to the nature of my comment.

The pictures are to show that I am not some blind fanboy, but rather someone who has spent a fair share of time with all systems.

As for the rest of your pathetic comment, I wouldn't care to waste my time on your pointlessness.

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The story is too old to be commented.