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PULSE 12/23 Edition
Today, as requested, we're making PULSE presented by the PlayStation Network available as a free video download through the PlayStation Store. This original program is a high definition video showcase of what's happening right now on PlayStation. You'll find the current edition of Pulse in the New Releases section of the PS3 store.
File size: 184 MB (HD)

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TheHater3640d ago

I already got both LBP add-on :)
playing it right now

- Ghost of Sparta -3640d ago

Just got Lumines Supernova, the MGS costume and level kits for LBP, and FINALLY I get to use Adell in Disgaea 3. :) Been waiting since August FFS.

cayal3640d ago

Are the MGS costumes included in the level add-on or is it separate?

chaosatom3640d ago

Is it worth 15 bucks?

does it have 2 player.

Orange3640d ago

are the levels substantial? i don't understand why the levels weigh in at 1.04 MB, the same as each individual costume. that sounds a bit light to me.

- Ghost of Sparta -3640d ago

If you're into Tetris-type puzzle games and loved Lumines on PSP then you really can't go wrong with Supernova. I'm not far but I can tell you that the graphics look really nice and the soundtrack rocks.

Is it worth @14.99? Absolutely (if you're into the puzzle genre).

And they do have a 2 player battle mode.

HowarthsNJ3640d ago

The LBP content is loaded in with each update, then you purchase the key to unlock it from the store.

It's done this way so even non-purchasers of the content can see it during online play.

If you weren't talking about LBP then NM.

KillaManiac3640d ago

W00T FINALLY Disgaea 3 DLC...

Bought Disgaea and both LBP Contents!

Orange3640d ago

Thanks HowarthNJ. Makes sense and I thought about that. 1 MB seemed a little big for a key and a little small for a level pack.

Pain3640d ago


about dang time!! hope the rest of it comes out soon next week please....

o o
o O

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meepmoopmeep3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

i'm on this.

EDIT: the store isn't updated yet, wth?

meepmoopmeep3640d ago

ah, the New Releases page isn't updated but i browsed around for my stuff.
hehe... nice

Meus Renaissance3640d ago

Can anyone share with me the MGS stuff please

SmokeyMcBear3640d ago

didnt the ps3 fail in your eyes.. why do you even want to play it....

oh and stop being so cheap.. buy the content for yourself.. its 6 bucks each.. sheesh

Fishy Fingers3640d ago

Meus is UK and there for, like me, CANT buy the LBP content, otherwise I'm sure he would.

But then, a few days wait wont kill anyone.

- Ghost of Sparta -3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Region locked I think.

hay3640d ago

Yeah, addons seem to be region locked. It didn't accept some US costumes I downloaded recently. However I remember that some of them worked some time ago, hmm...

TheHater3640d ago

even it someone share it with you, it would help. It region lock dude

heroicjanitor3640d ago

That's what I said when I heard but if it misses tomorrow does that mean it will miss the entire holiday?

BrianC62343640d ago

"Meus is UK and there for, like me, CANT buy the LBP content, otherwise I'm sure he would."

You should be getting the update the next day or so too. Whenever you get your update for this week is what I read a few days ago on Sony's blog.

Meus Renaissance3640d ago

Tell me something. How does criticising the sales of a corporation somehow equate to me having an agenda against them - one seemingly enough to upset an individual such as yourself who has no relation to that corporation or invested interest in them? Tell me Smokey, how I being a realist over their poor sales of hardware and software recently, suggest to you or any intelligent person that I cannot enjoy my games console?

I have criticised the hardware sales and software sales, especially of LBP. Guess what...I purchased LBP last week and love it. But that doesn't compute with your logic does it? How can that be, Meus criticising the sales of a game himself actually buys the game and enjoys it? Shouldn't the 'haters' be hating instead? No because you've sniffed the backside off N4G for so long you've inhaled fanboy logic that if someone criticises a games corporation for their tactics then they must be a fanboy of a competing platform in your eyes. With the video included in this post, you have a peak of SOME of my games titles for the PlayStation 3 alone, the console I bought after I sold Microsoft's console a year ago. I asked if someone would be kind enough to share the LBP costume and levels because A) I've spent hundreds on games and a new television this past month, for my gaming pleasure, alongside actually purchasing items off Home; sentimental nonsense such as outfits and furniture in preparation for gaming sessions in the future. I cannot afford the odd £10 (not $6 as you stated, I could only wish) - this "cheap" fool has spent £700 (a $1000) already on gifts for himself, so I turned to N4G if anyone was able to share. And I do share as often as I can, beit game packs or even Beta's.

You need to realise that SOME people are not fanboys, some people are able to freely criticise and dismiss a games corporation and still go out to stores and buy several games, which is more than I could say for a great deal of N4G members who seem to camp their backsides on a chair and draw virtual lines in this war-like mentality between two consoles. I don't need your pathetic attitude blowing to my side. Brush that dirt off your shoulder because I don't have time to defend myself against immature comments all day everyday.

SmokeyMcBear3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

ok.. well let me retort your little diatribe.. first of all, why do you feel it necessary to proclaim the fall of a brand, pointing out the sales one console and comparing to another. What is the point spreading FUD about a brand. Does this make the games available any less funner. If you are a gamer, isnt this about the games. You yourself said you bought the game and enjoyed it.. isnt that the only thing that matters.. to you. Seriously.. why in the F do you care about the so called declining sales? If you have stock in the company then maybe i can see a point, since you are waving the non fanboy flag so proudly. Do you think the declining sales of the band will cause developers to turn to other consoles? If this is the fact then shouldn't you purchase the Downloadable content offered from the developers, especially for a game you have such praise for? Isnt what you are doing, pleading for someone to share their content that they purchased with their hard earned money, so you dont have to spend yours. Doesn't this undermine the efforts of the developers? No one cares what you spent your money on. But when you come on this website and spread crap and call for the fall of a brand (twice), yet enjoy the games that they themselves have shelled money over in development (1st party studios), and have given you the some of the best gaming experiences ever, then you come of as shallow and hypocritical.

and another thing.. just having the ability to share this downloadable content with 5 of your friends is awesome. But yet the "tactics" of this corporation are atrocious. They are helping you the gamer in acquiring the gaming content at a discount if possible, yet you the gamer are not helping back the corporation. Maybe they should take this option away.. helping the sales in DLC, maybe you wouldn't criticize the sales then because they would be increasing... bah.. whatever buddy... you have no credibility anymore, buy the games, enjoy the games.. that is all you have to do. Everything else is lame and superficial, and has nothing to do with you.

Meus Renaissance3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Wait, spreading FUD about a brand? Proclaim the "fall" of a brand? I was under the impression that members here comment on news, especially sales figures. I too comment, difference being my opinion differs from the majority. I did not proclaim the fall of any brand, firstly, and secondly, show me where I have spread FUD about anything or anyone? You still insist in painting with me with the same brush as the cliche antagonists of N4G known as fanboys. You think I'm TheMart reincarnated? All I have said is given my thoughts on how the PlayStation 3 platform has failed to live up expectations and how I do not believe it will ever live up to those expectations, has it is "done" in that context. That doesn't mean I'm implying that developers will shut up shop, and sales will plummet - I am not prophesying a Gamecube 2.0 as some fanboys do here. But just like how so many constantly express their believe that the PlayStation 3 will be a success (to what degree I do not know), I come here and express both positive and negative comments in regards to the platform. I explain why I have those opinions, I use the evidence of the NPD figures.

The difference between me and everyone else is not in regards to facts, or evidence, but sheerly opinion. Some are optimistic, some are confident and some are pessimistic or doubtful. I am in the latter category. And when there is an article that tries to discuss this issue of sales I am free to give my feedback onto it. I don't do it as an attempt to challenge or dismiss anyone else' views but I hardly call the reasoning that the platform has done overall worst than expected, a failed logic. In fact if anyone wants to debate that - as people here often do - lets open up a debate!

Secondly, I don't know what your talking about "does it make games any less funner" when I've just said that I am an avid gamer who spends a great deal of his time playing PS3 games, buying PS3 accessories, even buying nonsense on Home. I've actually developed a reputation here for being a staunch defender of PS3 games against cynical reviews. I am the last person you could be claiming to be spreading FUD against the games. But you overlook that because of your fanboy-alert mentality. Anyone that holds a negative outlook on ONE aspect of a console, then they must be a fanboy to you who has a negative outlook on everything right?

You ask why I care about the sales. You could ask that to the hundreds who comment on those articles, surprisingly I doubt you would be holding an issue with those who are persistently defending the sales. You would have a better argument, actually, to wonder why they are so protective over those numbers when it doesn't matter to them anyway. They have no stock. I have nothing to lose from those figures, I sure as heck don't have stock, like everyone else, so logically if I could have any stance without criticism, it would be a stance where I hold a realistic viewpoint beit negative or positive regardless because I am free to give my opinions, free from bias or concern. I was amongst the first to comment positively on the first bit of positive hardware sales for the console, and one of the first to comment on the opposite. You question why I even comment but you should remember this as much as a forum as a website. You see here? These are comments all around you. Why do they comment? A) Because they can and B) Most importantly, because they are interested in the gaming industry. They love games as much as anyone they want to know what happens around the gaming community just as much as a person in the morning buys a newspaper and reads about articles relating to countries and situations other than their own. Would you therefore dare approach any of them and ask them, Why are you interested when it doesn't concern you?

Smokey you have absolutely no point of criticism. Your entire dismissal against me has been on assumptions which you've been caught out cold on. I, unlike most here, am able to criticise any corporation I feel is worth my criticism. I am able to praise any other as well. Now if I praised Microsoft on an article tomorrow, or continue to praise them based on information I've come across, I guarantee you some idiots here would then be convinced I am an Xbox 360 fanboy. This is the mentality that saturates this forum. It's an "us versus them" attitude that stinks.

Again you claim I have called the fall of a brand, as to imply I am a hypocrite for still buying their games. What? I have criticised the PlayStation 3's sales figures stating that I don't believe it'll ever sale the figures Sony truly want it to. Selling as its figure currently doesn't constitute as a failing product, what constitutes as a fail are those figures in comparison to the expectations of everyone else. When I still buy the games and software from that corporation for my own past-time, doesn't it therefore make sense that perhaps I am not a hypocrite but merely a pedestrian? It's funny how you can all of a sudden know who I am, or know my thinking, from an obviously misunderstood blog I wrote a few weeks ago, and continue to dismiss whatever I say in response.

I guess you got me figured me out. I must be the only fanboy in the world who hates on Sony and spreads "fud" about them constantly, and yet still praises their games and spends hundreds playing them. Wow. That makes perfect sense to you I suppose.

And I have no credibility? Credibility isn't measured, thankfully, by you or those who agree with you. You argument is weak because we both know you are assuming things of me, yet this isn't a contest in who can prove credibility over their comments or not and if it were, then I would love to see how you could live up to the burden of proof you'd be under to convince us all that I am indeed a hypocritical fanboy that you're so personally convinced of oddly. And who actually cares for credibility here? It counts for nothing. What matters is that you don't upset the majority. If you don't, then you're safe.

P.S. Only an idiot like you could argue sharing DLC hampers software sales. Don't you need to buy the game first to want the DLC? Ugh. This is sad

SmokeyMcBear3640d ago

nice little speech there.. but since the whole first two paragraphs say absolutely nothing, its a little wordy and useless... so i decided to start from the ground up... nice little idiot jab by the way. I reiterate my first point.. why in the F do you care about hardware and game sales.. .seriously.. why do you care. Why do you feel it neccessary to create your little diatribe blog posts proclaiming something about the sales. Answer that. you question why others comment.. you question why others care... the point is they do not post long winded blogs (and posts) about FUD that has nothing to do with them (or you). That is the only argument i get from you.. is that others do so you will also.. but why do you! Do you feel falling sales hurt the games?

You contribute to this fanboyism on the site by even caring or commenting about the consoles themselves. NOBODY has any vested interest in them, NOBODY should care, your only argument is that others do so you will too. That is not helping out the fanboyism on this site, but rather fanning the flames.

The bottom line of this entire little argument is from your very first post... pleading for someone to share some game content with you. So I again state my argument, help the developers out that created a game that you like so they can become successful. Stop trying to accept handouts, and exploiting a feature that a consoles that you proclaim to be doing so horribly.

You are hypocrite in the fact where you proclaim so vehemently the playstation brand to be in you words "done", am I not correct? Then you go on to plead for game content that is available. Why do you care about a product if it is "done". If I believe something is "done" it is no longer going to succeed, it is no longer to going to produce, and it is basically a waste of my time. We may have different meanings for the word "done", and I sincerely hope so. I wouldn't think you to be such a blind idiot (thanks for that word), that you continue to invest any money in games or accessories for a brand that is "done". Maybe you should find different words to use, or better yet, not even care about the sales figures of a consoles to determine whether a brand is "done" or not. So maybe you are not a hypocrite, maybe you are just a blind idiot (thanks again). But Im putting my backing towards the former, since you seem to be very well versed.

venomcarnage893640d ago

meus is right man, all he did was say that the console isnt selling as much as it was planned to, so what? its not anyones fault but your own that you actually seemed to take offence to it, take what he said with a grain of salt and move on with your life. either way its just one random person stating their opinion and he obviously is an open minded person, as he isnt blind to the faults of a console he clearly enjoys owning, which i cannot say for you just yet, you are more on the fanboy side here. either way you tell him not to care about the sales figures of the console, when its you who shouldnt care what he says, just move on and live in your fantasy world where the ps3 is infallible.
so you guys know, i am all for the ps3 and hate microsoft very much, but i to can admit the ps3 actually does have faults and isnt the love child of god.

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Relientk773640d ago

yay LoTR Conquest demo wooo ... i hope its good


patronnessy3640d ago

Are the individual MGS customes the same as the Custome Kit?

TheHater3640d ago

yeah, but when you buy them all together you get like 2 dollars off

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