GamePro Arcade's Top 10 downloadable games of 2008

GamePro writes:

"Well it's about that time again, where we kiss goodbye to one year and say hello to another. We here at GamePro Arcade want to go out in style by presenting out top download's of 2008. We're going to break down each of our categories and select a few titles from each. We have compiled the best of the best, and are presenting the must haves to ring in the New Year."

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Parapraxis3641d ago

LOL @ no WipEout HD.
Sorry but WipEout HD is top 5 easily.

Maxned3641d ago

World of Goo?
WipeOut HD?
Castle Crashers?

It seems like the author wrote this in about 2 minutes. I dont see how a GOOD video game magazine writer can forget about those games.