Rumor Killers: PS3 Price Drop, Bioshock 2 Timed Exclusive

Rumor Killers examines the possibility of Bioshock becoming a timed exclusive on the PS3, as well as new PS3 price drop rumors, and the discovery of one forum poster that Too Human 2 may already be in development.

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cain1413644d ago

Why would Bioshock 2 be a PS3 timed exclusive? Would make more sense if it was 360 again... (or neither)

Peter Griffin3644d ago

y would that make more sense if any at all?

cain1413644d ago


Seeing as the first one was timed exclusive for Xbox. Plus they could have started work on it much sooner (not sure if they did or not) then they could on the PS3 one, seeing as that just came out last fall right?

Chicken Chaser3644d ago

because some people here believe every single BS hiphopgamer says

acedoh3644d ago

I don't remember any comment like that. SONY actually stated last year they were going to re-evaluate their strategy as far as exclusives. SONY has always paid for certain aspects. Whether it's marketing or development. They may not put up a large sum of money but they have given incentives to developers. I wouldn't be surprised if SONY made a move to get some timed exclusivity for Bioshock 2. It really doesn't matter if the original sold more on the 360. Of course it would. It came out first and there was no indication it would come to the PS3. The publicity and game awards also helped sell it.

N4360G3644d ago

You never know.Take Two probably wants to show PS3 gamers some love so that they will love BioShock 2 and buy it for their PS3's.I'll be purchasing BioShock 2 for my PS3 next year,the first one was great.

ry-guy3644d ago

Rumor Killers?

This should be renamed the "Straighten Out HipHopGamer's Mess".

That's all they're doing.

AriesFury3644d ago

I do agree. Then they can release on the PS3 again with exclusive DLC that the 360 and PC never could get.

proArchy3644d ago

Not trying to stir the pot or make any assumption either way, but these guys presented just as much evidence as HHgamer did - none. The only difference is they claim their opinion is straight up fact while HHgamer simply presented a rumor and his opinion.
The truth is, anything could happen. No one here is in any kind of position to speak for Take Two, and if they were they wouldn't be able to talk about it anyway. The reason for the first's exclusivity is a mystery to me. It could have been a comparably small PS3 install base, or lack of experience programming for PS3( remember it was in the thick of the whole "WTF this thing is hard to code!" pandemic), or Both the install base and experience problems have been removed, so that leaves money or some other random reason. We'll just have to wait for an announcement( let it be in the form of a trailer and I'll shine Take Two's boots for a week!) and see. I personally don't see any reason for it NOT to be simultaneous.

N4Flamers3644d ago

I hate to crush anyones dreams on here but these guys said the same thing HH gamer said, just more speculation and no facts. Let the rumors continue. I personaly think that they will bring it out multiplat, just because I dont think they want to ignore the 360 audience that supported this game, and because I downloaded the trailer off xbox live. With the economy the way it is Im sure take two would know that bringing a game out on a different system a year later usually hurts your sales. Umm dont quote me on that last sentence.

GarandShooter3644d ago

It's entirely possible it could be a PS3 timed exclusive. How would that hurt overall sales? Would 360 owners be so upset, they boycott the franchise? That's just as ridiculous as PS3 owners upset with FFXIII going to the 360. People buy games for their system(s) of choice. It may shift sales, but likely an insignificant amount. If Bioshock had been released on both consoles simultaneously, it's possible some dual console owners who bought the 360 version may have opted for the PS3 version, it's possible the reverse could be said this time around.

As far as Sony making a deal, it could be centered around multiple games with Bioshock 2 being one, or any number of incentives, financial and otherwise. It could be Take Two has taken a step back to look at the larger overall picture, and they feel a deal with Sony is overall more favorable at this juncture.

Or it could all be BS, it's only a rumor after all, but if the author is going to reason this out, why not do so thoroughly.

prowiew3644d ago

I don't know. I dont think Bioshock is worth that much for sony paying for exclusivity. It has more value for microsoft cause they need some exclusives. Also Take 2 is not doing that well in their financials, so if Take2 accept an offer from one of them it have to be big money. As far as the too human 2. Really? Who wants a sequel to that game. Im sorry if there is any too human fan, but I think this was the game i hated the most in 2008. Heck, maybe even 2006 and 2007.

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SirLarr3644d ago

I wouldn't mind a Too Human 2 soon.

cain1413644d ago

I just hope they do a good job and don't rush a sequel.

Viewtiful3644d ago

Surely you realize the hilarity of fearing that Silicon Knights will rush ANYTHING. (It's taken them the better part of fifteen years to put out two original games.)

dannyhinote_133644d ago

Me either. I really liked Too Human, and would really like a sequel.

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predator3644d ago

yet again... yes it was exclusive to it 360 be it games for yes it was exclusive

is god of war no longer exclusive as its on PSP and PS2 and PS3 now?

Wile3644d ago

Give up predator, individuals like Gun here hold much weight on the 'console/PC is not exclusive' thing. Even if it's Microsoft Studios releasing it on PC/360. I'm sure CViper will be in here shortly to expound his thoughts on the matter.

Gun_Senshi3644d ago

Its still giving less reason to anyone who has a decent PC to buy X360.

I have a gaming PC so the so called "exclusives" on X360 which are on PC I play them and I do not count them as Exclusives.

I can play Window games on Linux too.

Rhoic3644d ago

Considering the majority of people in the world do NOT own a decent PC.. I'm sure they will be picking up a 360. Not to mention it's the only thing that can play HD gaming for $200.

Wile3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

That may be the way you see it Gun, but let us be honest here. The gaming community as a whole, DEEP DOWN, doesn't really care when something goes from a console to the PC and by and large, don't consider it a real loss of exclusivity. The real stinging and attention grabbing events, in this ridiculous console war, have always been console to console. Some good examples (rumored or confirmed) may be Devil May Cry, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, Virtual Fighter, Fatal Inertia, MGS4, and Grand Theft Auto. Some of those I would categorize as industry meaningful news that should grab attention. You can try making the PC/360 thing bigger than it really is. But the gaming community really doesn't care, otherwise you would see alot more hype surrounding Xbox to PC events. Halo, Halo 2, L4D and Gears are perfect examples. It seems to me, the only ones who really care, are those looking to rub it in the 'other' console fans faces.

If Halo, Fable, MGS4, Gears or GOW goes to the competing CONSOLE then we'll talk. Otherwise Gun, nice try.

FF7numba13644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

lol i signed in just to let predator know how dumb he is.
Bioshock is 1 game. God of war is 4 different games. Ps2: god of war 1 &2,Psp: chains of Olympus, and ps3: god of war 3. damn your friggin slow. Smack yourself for that dumb ass comment.

PLus the rest of you idiots don't come with the 400 pc gaming comment. 9600 gt costs 70 to 120 usd. Cost me only 75 usd because I already own dell E521. I played bioshock on 8600 gt superclock so I know 9600 gt can get 45 frames +. Some of you don't know nothing about pc gaming.

Wile3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

wow, congrats FF7. You sure showed them.

FrankenLife3643d ago

Well I can play Windows games on my Mac. I don't, but if I wanted to I could.

Is this sort of semantics argument really important? Most people don't really care. Just play the games you can (Well not all. People are playing Iron Man against all recommendations)

Maybe i am just wearing a smile and not arguing because I just got a Wii w/ Super Mario Galaxy and Umbrella Chronicles, End War, Little Big Planet, and a replacement copy of FFVII. I have so much greatness I don't know what to do.

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onomix3644d ago

iSuppli, the company that 'broke down' the PS3 at launch, estimated the cost of making a PS3 was over $840 a pop. That story has changed though. Since removing PS2-compatibilty(NOOOO!) and changing to the 65nm chips, it now takes Sony 53% less to produce the PS3 than it did at launch. So the PS3 now cost around $440 to make..and with Sony selling it for $400, that means even after two years in production, the PS3is still losing money. Ugh.

The PS3 also takes less parts to make! The original PS3 took a whopping 4,048 parts to make, while the latest pieces only take 2,820. Sony has combined certain chips and the Cell chip was original cost $89 to make now only cost $46 to make. Yay!

What does all of this mean exactly? With Sony STILL losing money on the PS3, I might have to re-work my predictions again. Why would Sony drop the price of the PS3 in Feb. or March when they will STILL be losing money?? Why would they drop the price to $300 and continue to lose money?? Perhaps all of the solid software they will be releasing in 2009 will more than makeup the difference. We shall see..

acedoh3644d ago

I doubt Microsoft is profitable on the 360... Especially after a big price drop. I could be wrong. Although Microsoft saw themselves falling behind by years end so they took a major step reducing price and even bundling two games. Ingenious move as it has made the 360 hot once again. SONY has been slow to respond which is good for their company but not great for the gaming public. I don't really see a price drop until Summer at the earliest. Despite Killzone 2 coming in February it is not a busy time for console sales.

Rhoic3644d ago

MS IS making a profit on the 360.. I believe it started early this year. They have the full ability to lower the price of the 360 without losing much or possibly not lose anything at all.. especially with the new Valhalla motherboard in development.

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