7 Best Video Game Trailers of 2008

A good video game trailer leaves you doubled over on the floor, panting with anticipation, chewing nervously on your wallet in hopes that $60 will magically emerge just in time for the game's release. Your pulse quickens, your eyes dilate, you pray that the little YouTube progress bubble doesn't catch up with the end of the red buffering line. Watching game trailers can be a pretty heady experience. A good video game trailer will make bad games look awesome, and awesome games look magnificent. Here are Paste's favorites of 2008.

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Peter Griffin3645d ago

DMC4 isnt here im not readin

conscious: (whispering) "hey peter, u have to read it to find out."

MGS4, R2, Gears2 (which i havent played) and Motorstorm: PC are amongst the greatest trailers this year

i3EY3645d ago

Liked the GTA IV trailers cuz it made me buy the game LoL