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Changes are coming! In the New Year this blog will see some changes and will cease being an exclusive Too Human blog. As well as updates on Too Human, we will be using this blog as a source of general information about Silicon Knights. This is why it is called the Silicon Knights blog. happy

Since the last update, we have updated the Silicon Knights Website, with more additions to come. The Too Human Sound Track was released and sales of Too Human have been steady. happy We appreciate all the dedicated fans who wrote and told us how much they like Too Human. We would like to give a special nod to some of hard core Too Human fans who have put more than 600+ hrs into the game. Many of those players visit Too, if you are looking for others who also liked Too Human, do not hesitate to visit."

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Pizzagaki3642d ago

Pizzagaki think that if this game is considered a flop, it do is one of the better performing flops out there.

Maybe this game went from Flop to minor succes ?

felidae3642d ago

i don't think it's a flop .. except the dying cutscene ;-)

Michael Jackson3642d ago

That's the sound Too Human made after shipping that sorry excuse for a game.

Jdoki3642d ago

"We would like to give a special nod to some of hard core Too Human fans who have put more than 600+ hrs into the game"

Wow, so 600 people bought the game and each put in 1 hour before going insane from seeing the resurrection sequence yet again!! Kudos to those who could stomach it that long!! :)

Vecta3641d ago

Thats some epic twisting of words you got going there.

onomix3642d ago

Repetitive gameplay? Check.

Lack of innovation? Check.

Very limited set of enemy's? Check.

Boring Story? Check.

10-year development cycle over multiple systems? Check.

Complete waste of time game that you shouldn't spend any of your time on? Double check.

felidae3642d ago

.. you haven't played Haze man!

felidae3641d ago

... why the disagrees? if you've played Haze and Too Human (not just the demo) than you have to agree that Haze svcks way more than Too Human. ok, the gameplay may be repetitive and the story is MEH! but if you just want to hack & slay your way through dungeons full of cyberaliens to level up your character, then it's a fine game.

Draconis3642d ago

All of you who are bashing on too human, go find another hobby. Anyone who digs Diablo style gameplay, should play this. One of the best action rpg I played, And I played them all.

onomix3642d ago

Everyone can't like the game. You should accept others opinion on the game. I bash it, because it indeed sucks very hard. I don't believe you played all the RPG. This game is horrible, and all the things I said in the post over me, is true. Seriously if you liked this game, I feel bad for you. But I will accept it, and I will stop whining like you. Because I can accept others opinion, unlike many others here.

Nicolator3642d ago

too human is not as bad as ppl say it is .. i played it with so much skptical appoach but i kinda enjoyed it .. its not a game that u can review in one play u have to play it and on again to get the real goods out of it and that is when u start to see the variations of the RPG elements..

lowcarb3641d ago

Why when people say they don't Too Human it's ok even though they never played it but when the same thing is said about MGS4 or LBP there wrong even after playing it? Just seems hypocritical and silly when you think about it.

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