WorthPlaying: Ultimate Band Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Since the advent of games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it has generally been accepted that the full enjoyment of each of these titles comes from using a controller that's different from the one supplied by the console manufacturer. For example, dancing with the standard controller doesn't feel as exciting as dancing with the dance mat. Rocking out on a guitar or pounding away at the drums feels better if you're doing it on the respective plastic instruments. While most people have accepted this as a requirement for a good rhythm game nowadays, there are some gamers out there who, for lack of proper funds or physical storage space, can't see themselves playing with anything but the stock controllers they were given. For Wii owners, Disney Interactive Studios has answered their call with Ultimate Band, a modern rhythm game that requires nothing but the Wiimote and Nunchuk to fully function. Does the instrument-less approach work, or are players forever bound to plastic instruments if they want to play music on their little white boxes?"

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