2009 Reviews from the Future

Don't buy these games before reading GameDaily's psychic reviews.

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kapedkrusader3524d ago

...Killzone 2 hasn't even come out yet and it's already scoring less than Pokemon? These reviewers have lost all sense of shame. And why not include GT:5 and God of War 3, I would've loved to read how those games will suck too. When Killzon 2 comes out, I hope this guy prints this article and eats it.

Peter Griffin3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

im not even gonna waste my time

Conan9973524d ago

Is GameDaily ran by children?

Real question.

Aaron Greenterd3524d ago

Only a Microsoft Affiliate like GameDaily can provide gamers with spot-on reviews before these games are actually released.

Stay tuned for our next article of future reviews where we give Alan Wake, Halo Wars, Too Human 2, and many other Xbox 360 games a 10/10...some before they are even in development or a concept.

PrimordialSoupBase3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

* Is Gamedaily run by children

Anyway, this is completely unprofessional and a waste of time. Imagine if film critics reviewed movies based on trailers and 5 minute preview clips...


Did u guys read the killzone article.They liked it,i know gamedaily has no credit any more but u guys are bashing them for nothing really.. :/


Bnet3433524d ago

"Is GameDaily ran by children?

Real question. "

LOL the irony in that is laughable.

Myze3524d ago

In the spirit of this article:

"As much as we loved the idea of this article, the skeletons are still in the closet for the punchline that is As certain as they are that they are a legitimate website, they prove yet again to damper the spirit of the season, by refusing to give even a semblance of relevance. As much as we all tried to enjoy their witty premonitions, let's all be realistic and accept that the hype is a letdown. Gamedaily's writers came up short."

SlyGuy3524d ago

Ms. Cleo could have done a better job.

Saint Sony3514d ago

Never thought there is a chance that Killzone2 would get below 10/10 according to PS3 fanbase.

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dachiefsman3524d ago

8 on KZ2.

/start flame of list.

While I never have played a pokemon DS game or ever will for that matter, it getting a 9/10 over any of those other games is minding boggling.

ZackFair3524d ago

No more, no less.

The poorest excuse for a gaming website since er, GameDaily.

ezcex3524d ago

they said capcom didn't innovate resident evil like gears of war. lol

lordgodalming3524d ago

"having played Microsoft's Gears of War video games..."

I wonder if the boys over at Epic Games would have anything to say about "Microsoft's Gears of War." And yet Gamedaily has the cojones to suggest their expertise gives them the right to score unreleased games?

Well, as a fully trained teacher, I guess I have the right to grade Gamedaily's current and future articles:

F. Repeat Kindergarten.

Omega43524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

RE5 getting an 8?
Lots of previews have said its just RE4 with better graphics but i think the hype alone will still allow it to get 9+ scores especially since RE4 got them, but they really shouldnt of added co-op because that will seriously take the scare out of things......unless you have to split up

But Pokemon a 9 while Halo Wars is an 8 LMAO!!!!

Radiodread3524d ago


Oner3524d ago

Bubbles ~ you got me with that one....<3 Conan

XxZxX3524d ago

that was f*cking old school.