Top 10 Worst Console and PC Games of 2008

When games are good, they can be very good. They can influence your views on the world, change your ideals, and even guide the course of your life (like good old FFVII, who not only inspired me to write, but gave me my alias too). Good games at their best are not just something to play, their art!

When games go bad, however, they can be nothing short of psychological torture. If something that's supposed to be fun suddenly becomes painful, boring, or worse; work, then that game has failed in it's main objective: to be entertaining.

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cayal3644d ago

why is there always a top 10? Why not make it a top 11 or 17? Be different.

Peter Griffin3644d ago

the government needs to start charging for opinions, these list come up every 2 minutes

bobdog6263644d ago

Bio Shock was my worst game . AI came right at you . Just wait until Feb when FEAR 2 hit .It will put Bio Shock to Shame.

Peter Griffin3644d ago

so the AI should wait for u?

Xi3644d ago

because drug crazed maniacs are often mistaken for war game generals and usually have large battle strategies for taking down people in their aquatic city... right, completely forgot about them acting "realistic".