Cause for Concern: Resident Evil 5

You don't need to be a gamer to know that Resident Evil 5 is a big deal. With Hollywood movies, scores of games and numerous toys, Capcom's celebrated horror franchise grew into an unstoppable juggernaut full of flesh-eating freaks, state-of-the-art graphics and iconic characters -- which makes GameDaily more worried about the highly anticipated fifth installment. Even though it has beautiful visuals, a unique African setting and series hero Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 5 may disappoint thousands of gamers. Here's why.

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chaosatom3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Dead Space Innovates in so many ways. just wow.

I am still going to buy RE5 tho, but they really should be pushing with game play, boss battles, and simply doing everything so it feels new and next-gen.

bodybombs3639d ago

i was never a huge fan of the game play of the RE games. the story was amazing to me, but the game play just wasn't my forte

InMyOpinion3639d ago

Dead Space has raised the bar for survival horror games. It uses light and sound in a way I've never experienced in games before. In many cases the environments can be more scary than the enemies, and that says a lot cause most enemies are pretty intimidating.

I also like how they force you to be strategic when killing enemies, having to keep cool and aim at certain limbs when you are about to be shred into pieces =)

Sarcasm3639d ago

Wow @Jenzo. No fanboy comment? No PS3 bashing? Just straight up dicussion about video games. (Although I'm backwards by bringing that up) but I like it. :) Let's keep that going shall we? Have a bubble.

InMyOpinion3639d ago

I feel a bit disgusted for not blindly bashing the PS3 and I regret not posting the comparison video where both versions look identical(claiming they don't) but who knows, I might get used to 'sobriety'.

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Arsenic133639d ago

No thank you.

Kyur4ThePain3639d ago

Spread FUD about the game, causing people to not buy it and have yet another studio close down.
I swear, the media is killing gaming. Not just figuratively, but possibly literally too.

die_fiend3639d ago

Any1 who's played the demo will know this game is gonna be awesome. They're not gonna have the success of the reinvention of the franchise that was Res 4 only to go 'lets change it completely.' They're building up from the success of 4, the gameplay was so sweet and retaining that is definitely a good thing. I'm pretty much positive from playing a 20 minute demo that I'm certainly not going to be disappointed in the slightest

onomix3639d ago

I really just want to play alone and shoot zombies. I don't want a girl coming with me. It does not get scary at all, when you have a partner. However when you are alone, you get scared. Unless you must split up, that is a good way. But after the footage I have seen, she just follow Chris -.-

Heldrasil3639d ago

Have you played RE:0? It was a great game and had the same "partner" feel to it, had to manage the ammo and heal both characters, didn't take away from the core of the game at all.

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