Random Gamer's Review of Gears of War: Aspho Fields

Reluctant_Gamer writes, "I must say that I was pretty reluctant to read a book based on a video game, no matter how awesome that video game is. I mean, come on, with the exception of most Star Wars books, stories that are based on some form of entertainment (movies/video games) suck. Luckily for us, the Gears of War book was written by Karen Traviss, who also wrote many of the good Star Wars books..."

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CrAppleton3641d ago

I love the game.. so this would make sense to pick this up too.. I haven't read the Halo books yet.. But I hear great things about them all the time

ammonator3641d ago

I need to get on this reading gaming books thing. I read the first Mass Effect book after playing the game and it cleared up some of the questions I had regarding the pre-history of the game.

bgrundman3641d ago

It is cool to see them flesh out a universe like this... Books are a perfect medium for it.

ammonator3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Coming from the guy who refuses to read books... Way to go bgrundman...

bgrundman3641d ago

be nice, the internet is enough reading for me on a daily basis.

matt19913641d ago

yea i got this book, it really is an awesome read and this is coming from someone who hates reading

joemayo763641d ago

this book sells like hot cakes where i work (Chapters), might have to pick it up to see why sounds interesting...

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JimmyJames703641d ago

I wonder how long it would take to read this book if I only pick it up during loading screens?

ammonator3641d ago

Depends on if you are referring to multiplayer loading screens or single player :P

CrAppleton3641d ago

LMAO.. depends on how quickly you can read =)

roblef3641d ago

Read it during Half Life. THose loading screens took forever. Almost as long as the elevator rides in Mass Effect.

bgrundman3641d ago

LOL that is hilarious... It actually is a pretty quick read. Big words with large pages. Lord, it made me feel like a senior citizen.

roblef3641d ago

I guess I'm too much of a literary sf snob. I see Gears as perfect for what it is, a background and environment for some shoot up adventure. I'd place it above Halo, though, for a story that resonates with me. I dunno. I'd be embarassed as a sf reader to be seen with this book. Like seeing me with a Star Wars novelization. Eeek.

reluctant_gamer3641d ago

@roblef I would normally totally agree about be a SF fan and reading this book, but I found that it is just the same as any other SF book, stories, characters... Except that most SF turn into movies/games/tv shows after being published. This just happened to go the other way. I just finished the first Halo book and I must say that the Gears book is much better.

bgrundman3641d ago

Are there any other games that would lend themselves well to being made into books?

boodybandit3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

God of War but I am sure there are a lot of games that might make decent books.

Hell if Hitman can be made into a movie.....

iMarcus3641d ago

There is only really about two games that come to mind that I would read a book about, Gears Of War and BioShock would make good reads.

Max Payne would as well, but that's past gen I guess.

Rocky873641d ago

this game is so awesome ...

bgrundman3641d ago

Did you actually read the book review?

Rocky873639d ago

I don't care about any review this game is the best action game ever made.

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