Monster Hunter 3 tri- New Scans

Capcom has released some new scans of Monster Hunter 3 tri- for the Wii in the latest V-Jump magazine. The game is set to release next year in Japan.

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ChickeyCantor3643d ago

Let the symphony of "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE PS3" Begin...
Tri 2 1!! GO ! GO !GGO

I seriously hope this game is fun since i never played the other...never heard of them untill this game

ThanatosDMC3643d ago

I wish Capcom can make it multiplat. Heck, it'd be nice to make it a downloadable game even. How large are Wii games? 2-5 gigs?

Voiceofreason3643d ago

Looks good to me...I for one am glad it was on Wii. Wouldnt want PS3 development cost to kill another

xwabbit3643d ago

lol its true, this game was a PS3 exclusive at first but since it was too much $ to develop they changed to wii.

zep3643d ago

you sure are kidding :P if its a small company yes but its Capcom you are talking about :P

xwabbit3642d ago

Zep Capcom was the one who said those words. Try google'ing it. Its pretty dam old but if ur good finding stuff ull have no prob :P.. i get disagrees like if I'm lying LOL

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DNAgent3643d ago

The only good Monster Hunter games are on PSP. Capcom just had to go & ruin something else. Dropping Breath of Fire & Okami just wasn't enough for them.

Akiira3643d ago

i love monster hunter i just wish it was on a real console

typikal823642d ago

I wish it didn't have waggle controls, good god is that going to suck. Flip the controller this way and hit a button to do one action, flip it the other way and hit a button to do a different action... that sounds frustrating already. I can say Capcom is probably the best company to take advantage of the Wiimote (I played and beat Okami and Zack & Wiki) but even then when playing their other games with the Wiimote it's hardly accurate.

FinalomegaS3642d ago

Old fan of the MH series, love the idea but I want this to serve as a direction to those other 3rd parties out there. You make something great on the wii and MH tri will have all control options avail fyi for the person above me. You don't need to use the wiimote, more devs are giving the gamers all options.

This is going to push systems out, I've seen the line up of people each time wanting to see and play this game. I can tell we have a winner and the MediaCreate sales are going to be epic for this.