Merry Killzmas! - Part 2

Another day closer to Christmas, another wallpaper for you to enjoy! Today's wallpaper features the new Killzone 2 antagonist Colonel Radec, as he completes his annual inspection of the Helghast Academy Christmas decorations. Radec seems pleased with the results, even taking a moment to admire the rare Helghan snowfall.

Stay tuned to, because tomorrow they'll post the third (and probably final) wallpaper!

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CViper3491d ago

i hope those lights are evil.

Kratos Spartan3491d ago

the weather outside is so delightful


i3EY3491d ago

that was funny and ever so true

Jager3491d ago

lmao spartan, that was awesome.

Aclay3491d ago

Another Killzone 2 Christmas wallpaper?! I'm downloading this one right away!

I already have the other KZ2 Christmas wallpaper as my background on my Laptop, my background on my PS3 and as a Wallpaper for my Ipod Touch. Just can't get enough of Killzone 2.

Merry Killzmas and a Happy New Year to everyone... or should I say, a Happy Killzyear, LOL!

trancefreak3491d ago

I would like to skip xmas just to get to feb 09

Elimin83491d ago

Patience young one......

TIKUP3491d ago

LMAO^^^^ Same here i just want killzone 2 NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

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