Roy Orbison Coming To Rock Band

Blend Games doesn't write many stories targeting the 65+ demographic but here you go: Harmonix and MTV Games are planning to bring classic rock and roller Roy Orbison's music to Rock Band as downloadable content.

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baytide753618d ago

Why does it have to be stated that Roy Orbison is for the 65+ crowd? I find that absolutely insulting to (much, MUCH YOUNGER than 65) and to the great Roy Orbison himself. These songs that have been added to the Rock Band collection are important songs in the history and evolution of Rock and Roll. Whoever wrote this article is not a true historian, documenting the real roots of Rock and Roll.

Go listen to your Green Day and your Blink 182!

Roy Orbison is a legend.

StarryGrl3618d ago

Who doesn't know who Roy Orbison is? That story kinda made me laugh because Roy Orbison not only was huge in the 50's, 60's, & 70's, but he made a COMEBACK in the 80's. And his music is still in the faces of music consumers. Maybe the writer is upset because he didn't get his wish of "Telitubby Sing-A-Long" yet on Rock Band. :)