The Conduit developer wishes Merry X-Mas

High Volatge Software wishes us a merry christmas. They have incuded this special Image to show their gratitude towards teh Conduit fans. If you look closely you can see some of the minor updates done on the game thus far.

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ChickeyCantor3640d ago

what the hell is that thing in the box with the voltage tag?

kesvalk3639d ago

his armor is way cooler now, it was one of my main worries, he looked like az before... one more point to counduit

bobbylii3639d ago

The old guy in the pics is John Adams. Santa is the alien. Strike rifle and bazooka are in the box.

condorstrike3638d ago

it's not even out yet and it's the hottest thing on the net, hopefully it lives up to the hype....i know it will, if not it's bye bye wii.

awesome strip...LOL

I don't know what's funnier: the Grinch/Alien or the crack/agent.