Will "core gamers" or casual gamers keep the gaming industry afloat?

The video game industry may be one of the few bright spots in the U.S. economy, but there is some question over what types of gamers are powering growth in the sales of games and gaming systems. An Associated Press report cites "core gamers" -- people who regularly buy and play titles such as Fallout 3 or Call of Duty: World at War -- as the group most likely to support that growth. But data from a recent Pew survey reveals a more complex demographic picture of who is playing games -- and what types of consumers are fueling demand.

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Smacktard3645d ago

Personally, I think both are killing the industry. Casuals buy games like Horsez 2 and Imagine: Teacher, and people that think they're hardcore gamers (but actually aren't) seem to only buy shootan games with top of the line graphics. These games require lots of financial support, and it's not worth the risk investing in a new IP. So expect more Halo spin-offs, and Gears of War 32.

I just hope the actual hardcore gamers buy good-looking new IPs like Mad World, Muramasa, and pretty much anything Valve puts out.

ChickeyCantor3645d ago

Freaking awesome post =).
You opened a tiny box for me.

Darkseider3645d ago

Casual gamers will feed the machine by buying the shovelware A.K.A. Horsez 2, Cooking Mama, etc... While the hardcore gamers buy the RPGs, FPS, Action Adventure, etc... New IPs will sell well if they are good plain and simple. LBP is already above 1 million units sold and selling strong. It will end up between 3mil and 3.5 mil units sold in total. For a new IP that is phenominal. All the while CoD 37, Resistance 6, Halo 15 and Gears 12 will sell like hotcakes as well. There is plenty of people out there to support both hardcore, casual and new unique IPs.

ilamont3645d ago

The casual games sales data cited in the article indicates that this segment is indeed boosting the industry, maybe even more than a lot of the "core gamer" titles.

Not mentioned in the article is the fact that many studios are hedging their bets by developing for many systems and demographic segments. It's a good strategy that benefits everybody -- for instance, the casual breakouts let the studios develop FPS titles that may be harder to sell owing to heavy competition.

ChickeyCantor3645d ago

But what good does it do when a FPS is selling " hard " and yet try to make it.
If its selling hard there is barely a market "open" for it.
Why not invest in something less risky, why not try something different?
I'm not syaing make horzes, but ...i dunno xD hope you get the point.

Swiftfox3645d ago

The growth and "floatability" of a industry are very different.

The growth can do doupt be accounted for by the open of the casual market. However, I personally believe that the "core gamer" will keep the industry from going under.

When the chips are down, the economy is bad, many is difficult to spend the casual audiance will go back to what they were doing before video games and drop gaming all together until things are better.

I will be the core gamers that have always played games have always loved games that will keep buying well into the recession.

Louievillesluggns3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

People with money will keep the gaming industry afloat it doesn't matter hardcore are whatever they call themselves. "this is just me talking" but look at it like this most of the people buying the so called casual stuff are parents or older people finding something new to do that will save them money in the long run
ok first on the parents that buy the mini games etc. know if they leave child in the room playing the game there is real nothing to worry as if they when out and bought a PG-13 movie now a days "The Dark Knight" was d*** near rated R just an example may be an good or bad I don't know but one of many reason somebody folks get the

wii music,Carnival Games,Game Party,Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games,Endless Ocean,Hasbro Family Game Night,We Ski you get my point any of that stuff is safe zone buys but be more then that game console or bought for more people from 5 to 17 so from 5 to 14 mom or dad still buy the games which will mostly be rated E some rated T but most rated E are thought to be causal game in that case mom got me Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart Wii cause its rated E its a causal game now you have problem you cant be hardcore and causal is it "Hardusal" anyway I'm starting to think this makes no sense oh well rated E games sale its like crack to a crackhead it will sale, weed maybe harder to sale to them I hope you can understand thats it on parents for ya ok now to my older folks I'll try to make sense of this older folks 45 to 65 buy stuff like golf game tennis bowling s*** you can do in real life but its cheaper just to do it on the wii can you go bowling everyday it a be costly but with the wii fit this the kind of all around money saving tools nintendo knows that and the wii came out at the right time in 5-10 years nintendo wii smile that same d*** smile their smiling know but even more so MS/Sony moved to fast for themselves the hd stuff is wonderful but its too costly for dev. "we see this with some of the best company closing their doors thats why Nintendo is waiting til next time cause if you didnt know 1080p is a joke soon, in 5 years 3840x2160 2160p which is called Quad Full High Definition all the star of the show will be 7680 × 4320 4320p which is called Super Hi-Vision and I said I was going to hurry this up oh well but, nintendo if you do not remember with n64 nintendo had more power then the ps1 "i know ps1 could show good cut scene that aside" ps1 out sold n64 having the best tech doesn't always make you the winner look at Sega also ps2 was the the same way the xbox still being the best seller "if you read this have fun calling me crazy I know thanks"

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