Gears of War 2 readies Japan release

A Microsoft spokesperson told Edge late in October that the game wouldn't be released in the country " indefinitely " , just hours before Microsoft hurriedly retracted its statement and claimed there was no announcement to be made. Now the game appears set for an official launch some time in 2009, according to a Dengeki report.

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Nathan Drake3647d ago

they said the same thing about GeOW2 on PC ;)

Aaron Greenterd3647d ago

Edge Magazine is basically a front for out overseas operations. Please take what they say as fact, because that's what we pay them for.

Aaron Greenburg
PR Specialist
XBox Live Division
World of America

Mercutio3647d ago

That made me lol.

Shane Kim,Kaz hirai, phil harrison, etc.

I swear, these characters make me lol.

I love them all. lol


wow, poor japan

still, by the time they get it the multiplayer will work!

xlx-russ_923647d ago

true, matchmaking is still slow. lol. but Horde kicks ass.

Bnet3433647d ago

I remember when Gears of War 1 made the Top 10 software charts in Japan. They actually did Japanese voice acting for the game.

pp3647d ago

Japan can they even handle a game like Gears of War 2?

lokiroo4203647d ago

I dont know if they are anything like your @ss, they can handle a whole lot, speaking of your @ss, hows your boyfriend doing?

Danja3647d ago

dumb move M$ by the time Gears 2 comes out in Japan alot of anticipation would have been gone for it , they should have released it the 1st week of December sales would have been a lil decent.

badz1493647d ago

I think I remember reading an article about Gears2 not coming to Japan but finally it will. but seriously, even if they released it on the same day as USA, it will never do any good for the game over there. Japanese gamers don't really play this kind of games!

InMyOpinion3647d ago

I hope they market it as well as they've done in the rest of the world. Always good to see hardcore western titles be released in Japan and hardcore japanese titles find their way over here. Exchange of gaming culture.