Opinion: Sony's Home - The Launch Aftermath

The general response to Sony's Home has not been strong -- so why would gamers want to use it? In this Gamasutra opinion piece, journalist Blake Snow opines on the launch and talks to Home director Jack Buser on why the service "might take some time for people to get."

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SL1M DADDY3645d ago

Why is it that when I go into Home I find it always packed with people? Just asking why something that the press dogs on so badly seems to have so many people in it having fun... Interesting eh?

As for negative press, I was not referring to the article listed but the many others I have read in recent weeks.

GrandTheftZamboni3645d ago

... they did put a beta photo (as a disclaimer?) though.

BillGatesMom3645d ago

We are all a little fed up with the negative opinions towards the Ps3. The ps3 has been out for 2 years now.. There has been NOTHING BUT NEGATIVE press and its still sold 20 million... So do yourself a favor shut your mouth and stop turning gamers away from games because at this point thats all we are doing...

No one seems to point out

1) Microsoft Console rate which they denied FACT
2) Microsoft stating HDMI was not needed FACT
3) Microsoft saying 1080p was not needed FACT

Why not go have an opinion on that?

So take your garbage article and shove it along with all the rest... I love to see the Ps3 is making it and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone agreed the longer this console war went on the more likely the Ps3 would have the upper hand... We all told you about multiple discs, we told you the cell was powerful when coded probably, and we told you hard drives were needed. No one wanted to listen..

3 years later what has the 360 actually done? Blown through exclusives all that have major glitches FACT. A console that will break regardless what version you have FACT. An online service that honestly is not worth 59.99 OPINION.

So keep on writing these stupid articles from horrible writers and ill keep spamming the heck out of everything and anything until people listen...

What will M$ say once Killzone 2 looks better than Gears 2? What will XBox user say?

Xbox = a horrible horrible machine..

My advice: Buy a good PC and play the games with a 360 controller, not only does it look better but its also free....

Oh and dont even TRY to downplay God of War... It honestly makes you all look pathetic. God of War is one of the best games this generation FACT...

Bye Bye until your next negative article... be gone.

lokiroo4203645d ago

Good to see bill's mom taking some action for her son. Keep up the good fight!

Zeevious3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Is Bill still grounded for all that stuff you listed...


or just for Vista?


lokiroo4203645d ago

Zeevious that vista line is classic!