PS3 not responsible for Free Radical troubles

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"Yesterday I talked about the rumor that Free Radical may be shutting down. Today there is confirmation that the rumors were only partially true, as the company is not shutting down but planning on selling the studio. However, surprisingly many blamed the PS3's difficult architecture as the root of the problem, which is not true."

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The Killer3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

look at COD4 sales or COD5 or MGS4 or LBP etc
capcom just stated that ps3 is not harder to develop for than 360.

P.S. does any body knows when Media creates will release their december 3rd week sales? or Famitsu?


so what is your point? blue dragon flopped so hard! infinite undiscovery and last remnant and too human flopped so hard! so does that mean 360 is hard to develop for?? and not just capcom but also Activision and Ubisoft r making games that looks as good as the 360 if not better(which means its not hard to develop for)

die_fiend3647d ago

"However, surprisingly many blamed the PS3's difficult architecture as the root of the problem, which is not true."
It's not Sony's fault if Free radical chose to make a game for the PS3 and it wasn't technically sound. They might've bitten off more than they could chew, seems to be the case, cos their previous works have been good.
"capcom just stated that ps3 is not harder to develop for than 360." That's one developer, some don't think that's the case. Capcom have just been uncannily good at make sweet games that run great on all systems and don't have a preference

SL1M DADDY3647d ago

The truth of it all is that companies too small should not take on big projects, especially ones that become over-hyped and are exclusive to one platform. Poor decisions kill companies more than any outside source of contention.

ZackFair3647d ago

They made a horrible game and now they must face the consequences.

Rock Bottom3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Haze didn't flopped because of some technical hardware issues that can be caused by difficult programing.

Difficult programing doesn't make bad stories.

Difficult programing doesn't cause bad level design and character models(design not graphics).

Difficult programing doesn't cause boring and repetitive gameplay.

And difficult programing don't lead to an unbalanced multiplayer experience. Nictor, however does.

The Killer3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

and i lose a bubble for stating the obvious

fishd3647d ago

I wonder what was Ensemble and FASA's PS3 exclusive...

N4360G3647d ago

Of course the PS3 is not responsible.I blame Free Radical,Haze was alright,but it's not all it could have been.

Danja3647d ago

Free Radical should have just made TS4 , they would have made tons of cash..XD

prowiew3647d ago

Oh my god. The author is hilarious. He is making an article responding to probably some guy named xboxisthebest or 360mylife. Really I havnt heard someone blaming ps3 for their troubles.

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Serjikal_Strike3647d ago

on the positive side at least it wasnt sonys fault!

BillGatesMom3647d ago

I think they should sue Microsoft due to this... It is Micrsofts fault entirely.

ravinshield3647d ago

radical made a ps3rd exclusive and now they're closing.haha

OGharryjoysticks3647d ago

If the story was better, the evironments not so bland and empty, if there wasn't a generic looking lever to pull every advance point maybe it would have been better.

PS360WII3647d ago

I blame society. Well and the PS3 ;)

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