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An extract from the Fun! Fun! Minigolf review by WiiWare World:

"Wii Sports golf - which, lest we forget, comes bundled for free with the Wii console - offers a taste of what playing golf with a Wii Remote can be like. With only nine holes and the clunky putting mechanism which can often feel inaccurate, the game is just not satisfying enough to capture the hearts and minds of hardcore putters. Just as the concept of 'Mini Golf' is a viable alternative to the full-blown game in real life, so is the case on Wii. Nanostray creator Shin'en comes to the rescue and serves up a beautiful minigolf game with spectacular 3D graphics, but is this game about little more than good looks, or is it's gameplay up to par?

The graphics truly are among the best we've seen on Wiiware, with bold colours and bags of character. Even so, they are what could be described as Gamecube quality, so it's not exactly a technological marvel. There is visible pixelation, especially in the characters, even when displayed in 480p. Still, the graphics are certainly easy on the eyes regardless.

The game offers the player 27 holes across three 9 hole courses. Each course represents a different difficulty level. It goes without saying that you can blast through all 27 holes in less than an hour if all you want to do is see them, but the challenge of minigolf is to get a good score, and this will require you to play each course repeatedly to learn the best shot for each course."

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