Best Fifa 09 goals featured by EA

Players of FIFA 09 on Xbox 360® and PLAYSTATION® 3 who upload their replay videos to now have the chance to show their super-strikes to thousands via the site's popular new Top 10 Goals feature.

Anyone with either console and an internet connection can upload their best goals at the push of a controller button. Visitors to the site can then log in to the site to see their videos again, as well as download them and share them with friends directly or via on-site links to social networking sites.

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ud3525d ago

I have the ps3 version and the game kindof freezes when I try to upload a video. Well it gets stuck at like 59% for way too long so I cancel it, but then I can't resume my game lol. Good ol EA Sports

user94220773524d ago

My one works fine when I upload it but I only did it once due to Gerrard scoring a screamer.

I have the ps3 version, might be something wrong with your router, reset it and try again.

ud3524d ago

my connection works fine, this is just weird. But then again coming from EA it's not that surprising, they're the bug kings :p

user94220773524d ago

Reseting routers have made the wierdest changes, good changed.


ud3524d ago

me several times now, every time it was an awesome goal! not only did I not upload the replay but I had to play the match again because there's no way to get out of the instant replay mode after that 8(. I wish you could save your videos on your hard drive like in NHL 09 though.

user94220773524d ago

Some nice goals mate, how did you get to see them?

Meus Renaissance3524d ago

What do you mean, see them? Lol isn't that a paradox? Do you mean how do you upload them to the website?

P.S. I'll brb

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The story is too old to be commented.