Cologne Declaration To Tackle Videogames

A group of unhappy German citizens have put forward a declaration which will look at banning "violent" games in Germany.

Supported by prominent social scientists, this document is tipped to draw the government's attention.

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martynmj3645d ago

Wtf is wrong with people. sigh

Bnet3433645d ago

here's a better question, what will happen to the Leipzig Games Convention?

yog-sothot3644d ago

Well Kigmal, the Leipzig Convention is more or less doomed anyway as the new big european event in videogames universe should be the Gamescom in Cologne starting in 2009... But then, we can obviously ask "what will happen to Cologne Gamescom ?" ^_^

AndyA3645d ago

Small-minded scaremongering

AndyA3645d ago

Why is no-one asking how adult-oriented games end up in the hands of kids? That's the issue here.

Dorjan3645d ago

(some) Parents haven't a clue...

Ghoul3645d ago

No its not couse its NOT happening. The only chance for minors CANT get hte games legally, thats all the Goverment can do, It's the Adults buying theyre minors games far above theyre age.

i repeat LEGALLY its not possible for a minor to get a 18+ game.

f7897903645d ago

I saw a parent on the news talking about how she doesnt really like her children playing violent games as they play violent games in the backround in their house. They cant say no to their children so they complain to other people. Pathetic parenting.

Maticus3645d ago

When it's been proven games don't make you more violent, why is this sort of rubbish still going on?

hay3645d ago

Maybe cause some people are oversensitive and less than capable of understanding this.
Sometimes I think age rating is good for nothing. Parents are just ignoring it.

poindat3645d ago

What a joke. You know, its these kinds of people that are the problem. They are probably the ones that raise the psychotic, murderous kids. They raise them extremely strictly, banning everything from them - just like this, and you know what happens? They end up as the killers, the rebels, the ones that give bad names to things such as video games. They themselves are to blame.

That and parents stupid enough to buy their 12 year old sons Grand Theft Auto IV.

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The story is too old to be commented.