New UK research project explores use of PlayStation 3 as a business tool

British academics are about to embark on a novel research project that will see business leaders from some of the world's leading companies use PlayStation 3 as a business tool.

The research project will explore how PlayStation 3's new virtual world - 'Home' - can be used as a business environment where senior managers can discuss ideas and collaborate on projects.

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The Killer3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

but not necessary from launch!!

it will be the biggest virtual world where anybody can advertise to millions of users, at that time the ps3 install base will be around 30 million and will continue to increase!

The Killer3641d ago

for example Job Fairs for people to find jobs, or maybe course in any subjects, am sure many ps3 owners r at an age where they can work, and maybe HOME can help to provide some gaming field jobs etc, its an amazing idea!!

BrianC62343641d ago

I guess the next step will be to have videoconferencing in Home. I'm sure that's not far away. It does seem like the PS3 has a lot of uses besides just gaming. You can run Linux on it. Help cure diseases and now work together in a virtual office. With Sony give us office buildings? That would be interesting. A company could set up their own building and have all their employees in it. Your boss could walk into your office and check up on you. Are you working?

Kush_Reaper3641d ago

I can definitely see big corporations and businesses having a seperate conference hall in HOME as a meeting ground to discuss things. This would encourage alot of company's to purchase several ps3's in their offices.

It's nice to know the ps3 is contributing to human kind with all it's processing power and applications instead of charging people on a yearly basis and burning down homes.


whoelse3641d ago

lol yeah but there are cheaper ways of chatting to employees.

Karum3641d ago

How funny would it be seeing MS execs conducting their business in Playstation Home.

Just an amusing notion is all, you know using "2005 tech" for "next gen" business communications.

Although with that said it'd be difficult to see how Home in it's current form or even that of the immediate or near future could accomodate being used for such an application unless companies set up a clubhouse and meet in there or something.

Interesting article in general though.

spunnups3641d ago

But if you were to assimilate progress of HOME with that of the XMB, which came a long way since launch, HOME could really be something special.

BrianC62343641d ago

I just noticed something funny in this article. They list some of the comapnies who are clients of these people and might be taking part in this trial. Here's the part that talks about it. Check out who one of the companies actually is.

"The firm's clients include Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Ernst and Young and numerous companies in the Financial Services sector with large white collar worker populations - executives from which will take part in the research project starting late February, 2009."

ultimolu3641d ago

For realz?!

That's insane.

die_fiend3641d ago

Yeah it's a cool experiment but chill out, it's not insane

ultimolu3641d ago

In my eyes that's insane if Home is used for business as well.

Ju3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I think that is an interesting aspect. But I am not sure if it will be accepted. Can't imagine us all use the dual shock to sit down on a virtual table and talk. Video conferencing is already possible on the PS3 without home. But, well, why not. Like just invite the other guys (and gals, sorry ulti) to your apartment and start talking. What's possibly missing is an invite and reservation system and an additional video feed.

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