Killzone 2 - New screenshots

Guerrilla Games published some new Killzone 2 screenshots. Enjoy.

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Supercalifragili3647d ago

Nice graphics, but I would like to see some new environments.

ZackFair3647d ago

Holy crap, your image handler is beyond horrible. Stop existing.

You don't do any game justice.

Rock Bottom3647d ago

@ZackFair:When you click on the image there's a plus sign on the image top panel, click on it to view the image in it's real size.

@Supercalifragili: First and fourth images are new environments.

AngryHippo3647d ago the locations. I am sure they probably have them, but maybe just be nice to see one screen with something different that will make me go wow, i cant wait to get to that point in the game. Im not saying a complete blowout of all the locations or anything but just a screen to wet the apetite.

thor3647d ago

Urban, desert, indoor are all we've seen so far. Don't expect any new locations to look drastically different from what we've seen - for example take the desert environment; it's inkeeping with the graphical style set out in the urban environment but it does look distinctive. Don't expect more from this game than they are offering. The 2005 trailer got everyone hyped. Why? They have delivered on the promises they made in that trailer - graphics, gameplay.

Killzone 2 is an FPS which features a single-player campaign, about 8 hours long, and team-based competitive multiplayer with 8 maps. It features the best graphics seen on consoles, with a unique graphical style that is present throughout. It is set on a single planet in mostly urban environments. It features, alongside the staple FPS weapons, a flamethrower, a bolt gun, and an electricity weapon. It features a first-person cover system in single-player and limited detructibilty of environments.

That's all it is. That's all it was ever supposed to be. No matter what the devs do, it will be "another" FPS. It's not pretending to be anything else. If anyone hates on it, they are hating on the genre itself essentially.

And don't get your hopes up that it will be anything more than I described.

Jager3647d ago

your forgetting about the:

-Clan Support for 64 players per clan (Something Few games have, or get right. IE CoD4)
-Ingame clan Tournaments (256 clans per tournament)
-Clan Currency for betting on matches and bragging rights (Valor Points)
-Customizable classes
-Ability to Watch Tournament Battles (Something only Guild Wars has done)

Trust me, Killzone 2 is raising the bar higher then any other FPS... After KZ2 launches, other shooters are going to be graded on how well it is compared to Killzone 2.... Killzone 2 aint just some run of the mill fps, its Killzone.

thor3647d ago

Sorry I forgot to mention the clan support and classes.

But you clearly didn't understand my point. I expect it to be a very good FPS, even perhaps raise the bar for others to match - but it's ONLY an FPS. People are hyping the crap out of it expecting it to be something else. It's just another game, people will get bored of it eventually, people who hype it up will somehow end up disappointed when they see there's no co-op or split-screen in the game. They will be upset that the game all has the same graphical style - that of everything they've seen that has got them so hyped. They will be upset when it doesn't involve much more than shooting at stuff. They will be upset when the unoriginal story is told through short cutscenes. They will be upset because all the mission objectives are about shooting things.

I fear that Killzone 2 will be hated on for unoriginality and things like that, whilst other games like L4D and Gears 2 really do get a free pass. Because the graphics are great, people feel the need to say "but what about the gameplay!11" when actually it was the graphics that got them so hyped in the first place.

Tell me, why did everyone get so hyped up about the 2005 trailer if nobody cares about graphics now? The gameplay in that trailer really didn't look that special to me.

pixelsword3647d ago

The gameplay elements may not be ground-breaking, and like you said it never claimed to be, but most people were never looking for something ground breaking.

Who watched the clip and said "wow! Now THAT'S a new way of playing games!"?

No one.

Everyone went ga-ga over the graphics, and GG actually went beyond the trailer in almost every respect.

Now I also agree that a lot of fanboys are hyping this game up to the heavens, but in all reality any game can be pegged as something; it's the gameplay that will make one or another game distinct. Gears was not groundbreaking at all. It ripped off Kill.Switch (the true genre-defining game)and added the chainsaw-gun. Now the Chainsaw gun (and the gears/Unreal III armor) isn't even original in that such a gun was made by warhammer fans; in that regard, I do expect Killzone to be "not original" in that I expect it will be firmly pegged into a genre like Gears was.

Now that's not to say that Killzone 2 won't bring new elements to the FPS genre; Killzone 2 will use new sixaxis mechanics to the gameplay, and you will also have a full first-person cover system, something that hasn't been done before, if I'm not mistaken.

So no, I don't expect it to poop rainbows, but I don't expect it to be "just another" shooter, either.

Time will tell.

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diefor3647d ago

This game doesn't impress me at all.


jtucker783647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Considering this is the most visually impressive console game ever, with the most impressive lighting and textures ever seen, I can only conclude that video games don't impress you.

So if a game can't impress you that would tend to suggest that you aren't that interested in games.

So then why are you here?

DeZimatoR3647d ago

Ainda gostava de saber qual é o jogo que te impressiona...LOL

Ichiryoka3647d ago

This dude a little on the crazy side.. seems as though he can't figure out what he thinks about this game. and die fiend is right there with him for defending him.

die_fiend3647d ago

Jeeze, don't mess with K2 or jtucker WILL take it personally...You simply have to be blown away by this game or else! No there's no arguing about it. If you're not impressed by it you must be wrong. Even if you played the first game and thought it was rubbish, U NEEEEEED 2 be impressed by this game, that isn't even out!

On a different note, the game does looks pretty incredible from a technical standpoint. Seeing it in motion, it doesn't seem like any other FPS. Just the way the gun moves and the character sways + the motion blur make it seem dreamy (in a good way). Hope it turns out to be as good as it looks

jtucker783647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I haven't taken anything personally.

I just get curious why these ignorant plebs feel compelled to say something so stupid.

The only way Killzone 2 can't impress is if you aren't a gamer.
Even if Killzone 2 isn't your type of game at all, then it is still impossible not to have an appreciation for what Guerilla has done on a graphical level....
...IF you are a gamer

You yourself said "the game does looks pretty incredible from a technical standpoint"
That is being impressed.

At the end of the day I'm a gamer, so I can appreciate impressive aspects from a lot games. Even ones I don't intend to buy.
Mirror's Edge was impressive. I wouldn't buy it, but what Dice tried to do was impressive.
From the sheer amazing gameplay of Mario Galaxy to the truely epic scope of Gears 2 and yes the never before seen quality of graphics exhibited in Killzone 2.

What is the point in posting "This game doesn't impress me at all"?
It's ignorant and adds nothing to the discussion.

If outstanding aspects of games don't impress diefor, then perhaps he needs to find himself a new hobby. How about travelling to Florence to view some renaissance period sculptures and paintings. Perhaps he will find those more impressive.

LightofDarkness3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

NINE bubbles. Count 'em. Ladies and gentlemen, the system has failed. LONG LIVE THE SYSTEM...

butbutbuttehcell3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

The system is - saying good things about the PS3 gets you bubbles, good things about 360 loses you bubbles. This site is literally the worst I've ever been on for general discussion, I've never seen such anger about a games console lol. It's like people (such as jtucker) will throw themselves in front of a train if it means the PS3 will sell a few more. How can people care so much about a console?

jtucker783647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Well, allow me to rectify the situation.

I thought Gears 2 was a better game than R2 and I don't think R2 deserved a score as high as the one IGN gave. R2 was a great package (loads there) no doubt, but the shooting wasn't as tight as Call of Duty 4 or the Killzone 2 beta.

And Left4Dead 4 player co-op is awesome. One of the best online experiences I've had this year.

Has that helped?

Credit where credit is due guys. If something is good it's good. Who cares what console it's on?

EDIT: butbutbuttehcell - no offence, but that is a FBoy name, if ever I heard one. Don't be a hater.

SL1M DADDY3647d ago

Truth is, saying good things about GAMES and leaving the consoles out of it will get you bubbles. Sure there are fanboys that can enjoy a single system that have many bubbles but they are typically the fanboys that keep from flaming others. You can love one system and be a fanboy and refrain from hating on others for differing opinions.

Keep from hating and you might find more bubbles in your profile.

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