UK Software Sales Charts Ending December 20th

EA's Fifa 09 is the Christmas multi-format number one, beating Call Of Duty: World At War which came in second for this week

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sit down droid3643d ago

fifa games allways sell.
call of duty games allways sell.
shame not on playstation 3000

ShadesMoolah3643d ago

And it looked like COD WAW was a dead cert for Xmas No.1. Go FIFA!!

YouNoob3643d ago

my personal GOTY anyway.

PS360WII3643d ago

#8 is all I care about ;) Professor Layton!

xg-ei8ht3643d ago

I find it comical that vgchartz have the 360 sold as 26million, ROFL.

24million is the actual figure sold.

Sony is at 19million.

Voiceofreason3643d ago

MS own figures say 25 install base for 360 which is why Vgchartz list it that way... Where exactly are you pulling your fake numbers from? MS 26 million now. PS3 17 million maybe..Let's not forget that Sony counts units not even shipped as units sold. So the actual number is probably only 15 million. Judging by how poor game sales are on PS3 I am beginning to doubt they even have 15 million. At 15m Wii managed 6 million sales for its big games. Same for 360 yet 2 months after release LBP is only at 1.25m and RE2 hasnt even hit a million yet.

maruchan27six3643d ago

Your information is misleading.

heroicjanitor3643d ago

I don' think I've ever seen a chart where wii fit wasn't number 10

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