Rolando iPhone 3G Game-The Best So Far

Fluffypig writes: I've heard a lot about Rolando, it's by far the most hyped iPhone 3G / iPod Touch game so far but does it live up to that hype?

Quite simply, yes!

I would go as far as saying that Rolando the best game i've ever played on the iPhone and one of the best games i've ever played on any portable device and I mean any portable device, not just mobile phones.

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N4PS3G3640d ago

This game looks really cool ..can't wait to get my iphone tomorrow to play this and Hero of Sparta

both games scored over 9 on IGN... I'm really digging this new iphone games

Elimin83640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

More like LOCOLANDO.... I'm only interested cause it is a locoroco rip off... I liked locoroco...

ahnonamis3640d ago

With every awesome game that comes out on the iPhone, my bank account months in the future cries a little.

rob60213640d ago

Did they just rip off LocoRoco's art design or is it just me?

SpartanGR3640d ago


PS360WII3640d ago

but really why would that be a bad thing seeing Loco is an awesome game?

marcellizot3640d ago

This is better than locoroco, there I said it.

Also, the soundtrack by Mr Scruff is brilliant. There's a great review of the game here:

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