Bit-Tech review: Liyama ProLite E2208HDS - 22" Full HD LCD

Bit-Tech writes: "In terms of image enhancement features, Iiyama has seen fit to include both dynamic contrast and OptiColor digital colour circuitry. The former is probably a little better than most implementations, but it's still of marginal value, tending to crush detail in darker movie and gaming scenes. The latter, meanwhile, does little more than offer a menu of ostensibly enhanced preset contrast settings, none of them superior to the default setting.

All of which leaves us to conclude that Iiyama's new 1080p 22-incher is a thoroughly welcome addition to the 22-inch market. Yes, it comes with the usual image quality baggage that afflicts every TN panel. But 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is a lot for the money. It's also very, very nearly as good as Viewsonic's slightly more expensive 1080p 22-inch monitor, the VX2260WM, which we will be publishing our review on very soon."

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