Killzone 2 - New artwork images

Sony Computer Entertainment published some new artwork images from Killzone 2. Check them out.

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diefor3644d ago

I'm tired of screens and videos, I want this game :).

r3xmund13644d ago

I actually was lucky enough to 'aquire' the BETA from a friend, and it was 2 weeks of bliss.... And now i switch on my PS3 and i feel empty...

I Miss KZ2!!!!!!!!!

c'mon Feb 27th!

freeman293644d ago

O love Killzone 2 holiday wallpaper.

N4360G3644d ago

LOL I agree,the Killzone 2 holiday wallpaper kicks a*s!!

Lovely Killzone 2 artwork.The wait for Killzone 2 is killing me!!

Raw7113644d ago

not long now people!! i hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

ultimolu3644d ago

I swear...that Killzone 2 music kicked in the minute I saw the artwork.

I want this gaaaaaaame...*cries again*

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