How to Kill a Franchise

This gameplayer article asks whether franchises run the risk of dying if they change the age of the lead character, looking specifically at Syphon Filter and MGS.

"Want to know the best way to kill off a valuable franchise? Let it run its course. Be the impatient child at bedtime who never tires of saying, "And then what happened?"

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PirateThom3640d ago

That's a pretty lame article, there's nothing to it other than "I don't like the directions Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid have gone."

morganfell3640d ago

You don't control Gabe? Who the hell was that impostor in Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow? It's hard to say Dark Mirror was not of consequence when many outlets made it the PSP game of the year and it was ported to the PS2.

Looking down at the end of the article there is a link to another article...criticizing MGS4. I do not need to read anything else from that site...ever.

Skerj3640d ago

Morgan, I thought the SAME THING. Somehow they completely forgot Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow and focused on that horrid Omega Strain game. The sad thing is in another article they'll go on about how the PSP has no games. ..

Danja3640d ago

SP : Dark Mirror is still in my top 5 fave PSP games..

CloudsEnd3640d ago

Its sad to think you need something like a Certificate to speak about MGS4.
You see those guys, they talk bad about the Metal Gear Franchise, but they dont know a thing. And everytime this: MGS4 Is a Movie!!
I counter that crap with: But its the best movie ever made !

The Metal Gear Franchise cant be killed, because its stays on Kojima Production.
Not like Silent Hill which wanders his way from Japanese Developers to American Developers.

Silent Hill is a Japanese Game goddamned, dont sell your franchises you f*ckheads!

Is this Article about Silent Hill, too? I forgot.. lol

And please, whats that Syphon Filter sh!t? I mean they dont got a clue!
Gosh, such retards.

BattleAxe3640d ago

After playing Dark Mirror ans Logans Shadow, I can't wait for a PS3 installment in the Syphon Filter franchise.

The Killer3640d ago

they dont advertise, i didnt until now know that Syphon Filter: Dark Mirrors is that good and got many awards, i didnt even know they used cover system!!

man sony is only damaging them selfs when they dont advertise on their good games!!

now am getting Syphon Filter: Dark Mirrors within few days

XxZxX3640d ago

nobody kill franchise better than Sega on Sonic the hedgehog.


first off start by thinking up a way of pumping out heaps of unnecessary sequels that not only try to reboot a series, but also are nothing like they are hyped up to be. For example all the new FF7 games *shudder* and lets just say Sonic.
The next is to take the formula that everyone loved from the first game and throw that out the window and make an entirely different type of game for the the next installment.
And thirdly, by now the game franchise is selling badly and getting terrible reviews, its time to release a new game thats been rushed onto the market and follows the first two steps.
Great simple steps for everyone to enjoy :)

NathanGra3639d ago

I have to say I agree with you. (Even though I did enjoy Crisis Core, with the exception of everything Genesis related)

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rucky3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

So this article is basically saying he wants MGS to be like Mario, Batman or James Bond whereas the Solid Snake won't die? Wow it appears you James Cootie, is smarter than Kojima and should start designing characters instead of bickering about other people's creation.

George Sears3640d ago

Kojima killed MGS because he didn't want to continue working on the Story of Snake in particular. He wanted to move on and he felt the connection of Snake getting old by the simple fact that he too has grow old over the course of his time creating the MGS franchise as long as the Kojima Production crew.

Gun_Senshi3640d ago

Milking is crap.

MGS4 ended "Franchise" (Which didn't end but Snake's story did) In the most beautiful way ever.

shinobi3333640d ago

you never know what he has up his sleeve give the mgs franchise a chance to regroup

VampHuntD3640d ago

This is the truth. Kojima probably has something else up his sleeve, this isn't teh first time Snake's story was supposed to end. Although it may really end this time.

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