Take Two 2009 Line-Up: Where's L.A. Noire?

There's still no sign of the once PS3 exclusive L.A. Noire. It's hiding somewhere, but we might have to wait one more year. And then there's that secret Rockstar game...maybe Take Two don't even know about that one.

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N4360G3644d ago

LOL I almost forgot all about L.A. Noire.Too much good games for the PS3 in 2009.

3644d ago
Chicken Chaser3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I don't think its exclusive anymore..not a fan of The Getaway ..but it could be good

anyways.. i don't think its coming in 09

"Speaking at GC Asia '08, Game Developers' Association of Australia president Tom Crago said that, from what he surmises, development on the game has "another year or so to go."

"Crago also indicated that the game is in development for both PS3 and 360"

Might get it for the 360 if true

PotNoodle3643d ago

What has The Getaway got to do with this?

Chicken Chaser3643d ago

Team Bondi (LA Noire) founder (Brendan McNamara) was behind ‘The Getaway’

Lifendz3643d ago

you're going to have me go broke next year!

P.S...if anyone is up for some paintball action in LBP hit me up.

PSN: Lifendz

cactuschef3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking! They didn't want to break the news that it was coming out on the Xbox360 also. Reading the article and seeing what they said about making Wii games for the profit, then it would make logical sense for this company to mulitplatform this game, for the profits. There will even be a very dumbed down Wii version, just like Call of Duty WaW had.

Edit: I was talking about LA Noir possibly coming out on the 360, not the getaway.

PotNoodle3643d ago

Because that is sonys own franchise and was developed by "Team Soho", one of sonys internal studios.

Unless somewhere in-between The getaway: black monday and now they went to take two?

gaffyh3643d ago

L.A. Noire is not exclusive anymore. I thought Rockstar confirmed that it was going multiplat cos it was costing them way too much?

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PirateThom3643d ago

LA Noire was being funded by Sony, kind of a joint project, but when Rockstar announced another PS3 exclusive, I'm assuming Sony dropped funding of LA Noire to the focus on the new game.

jack who3643d ago

they caned that how long ago?

ravinshield3643d ago

its not canned, its just not a ps3rd exclusive anymore

Strife Lives3643d ago

If I check the you tube vids,I think the final game will use the exact same game engine as GTA 4.The problem if thats true is ,as we've seen,it limits the amount of customisation in the game.Im just hoping the gameplay is worth while,because in a years time.I dont want to write 'L.A noire had one great bank robbing mission,but now the game is over,the city is boring and theres nothing to spend the money on ! 'heres to hoping it turns out to be everything we expect and more,maybe even everything we were promised in GTA 4 but didnt get. Oh,and minus the jaggies.We dont want that.

Gorgon3643d ago

LA Noire has nothing to do with GTA. You're an FBI agent solving crime cases in free-roaming world, not robbing banks, killing stuff and spending robbed money.

Voiceofreason3643d ago

So it is GTA only you play as a cop and not the criminal?

Mitch_Cumstein3643d ago

Because there are so many inaccuracies in that article its pathetic. Anyone else notice some rather significant errors. It really amazes me how easy it is to get an article posted here. Anyone can just write whatever the hell they want regardless of who they are and how credible their sources are. I guess what is sad about it is all the idiots around here that believe anything that is posted here because its posted on teh internets.

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