Microsoft releases some XBLA stats, teases 2009 releases

While Puzzle Arcade and a premium virtual fireplace might seem like rather listless holiday gifts, Microsoft today gave us our favorite present: numbers! Here are some statistics about Xbox Live Arcade.

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InMyOpinion3647d ago

It would be fun if Sony also released stats like this so one could have something to compare with.

"The Gamerscore blog also teased what games would "ring in the new year": Lode Runner, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, South Park, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and R-Type Dimensions."

I wonder what that South Park game is about. They mentioned it at E3.

kwicksandz3647d ago

Day 1 buy. Im sorry i waited till 800 points for the first. I wont make the same mistake again... damm that game is awesome.

Captain Tuttle3647d ago

The Arcade really came into it's own this year.

Antan3647d ago

The way the industry is at the moment both Arcade and PSN titles may become much more prominent.

Godmars2903647d ago

Representing just how worthless PR is...

Strife Lives3647d ago

Can u please bring xbl officially to my country so I could pay in my currency rather than british pound? Thanx you guys.

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