Are These Best Buy's Boxing Day Gaming Deals?

NextGen Player writes:

"The scanned flyer apparently was posted by a Best Buy employee on the Dealcatch website.

According the flyer, Best Buy will be having deals on Xbox 360 Pro bundles, Playstation 3's bundled with LittleBigPlanet, and plenty of video game price reductions."

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Rice3564d ago

zomg, resistance for 39.99(too bad i already bought it), the steering wheel for 89.99, halo 3 for 19.99, rainbow six vegas 2 for 19.99..uhh i think im going to faint.

fan_of_gaming3564d ago

yea i'm definitely going to get Brother's In Arms: Hell's Highway, Fracture, and Pure for PS3 at those prices

ChickeyCantor3564d ago

I'm sorry fan of gaming, but according to the disagree you won't be getting them.... xD

phosphor1123564d ago

I don't live in Canada >=O

fan_of_gaming3564d ago

haha yea i guess not, sometimes i really don't understand how some people can disagree with comments such as that one.

sit down droid3564d ago

fan of gaming has a stalker!!! lol

Mozilla893563d ago

Thats a great price for Resistance but maybe they should bump down MGS4 to $30 now. I mean its sold over a million a long time ago so technically its qualified to become a greatest hits title.

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Doppy3564d ago

Good sale, but I already own or played most of these games so the only ones I'd get would be Mass Effect and maybe Pure.

ViceKingz3564d ago

ive been contemplating whether or not to get mk vs. dc but i guess now ill get it

Microsoft_Spokesman3564d ago

I wanna get a 360 now :(. Hopefully they're the Jaspere ones.

Mozilla893563d ago

some people believe you don't want a 360 lol.

qface643564d ago

so this is for canada only? awww :(

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The story is too old to be commented.