Gamer Access Episode #9: Why All the Hate for PlayStation Home?

This weeks podcast is packed with info on:

-Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Screen Shots
-Why All the Hate for PlayStation Home?
-Spike VGA 2008
-Thoughts on World Premieres
-Metal Gear Solid 4 LittleBigPlanet Content
-Plus MUCH MUCH More

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LittleBigKillzone3642d ago

Is beyond me. I mean wow, i cant believe the hate this thing is getting lately. Infact I think the Hate for home is even greater for the hate of the PS3 during the 1st year it launched. Ill be completly honest with you. Im sort of glad Home isnt perfect and amazing because that would mean more people would be in home and less people would be playing and buying actual games.

Sure id love Home to be packed with features, but for now it does the job and does the job good. Personally I think Home is worth it for the Pool,bowling and chess alone.. Ive been wanting the PSN to get a good chess and bowling game and it looks like sony has killed 2 birds with one stone by implementing a very good chess and pool setup inside Home. I do hope that in the near future you can purchase a pool table to set up in your own living space.

The only people that hate home are the ones that only own a 360 and are going by what other 360 fanboys have said about Home that havent even tried it out yet. Ive met a lot of gamers on Home and have added a lot of friends on my friends list and Home will keep getting better from here

Nick2120043642d ago

I definately agree and that is why I read this article to try to explain these things to people.

NewZealander3642d ago

if people honestly hate it for there own personal reasons then thats fine, but its the people that have never used it or only hate it because they are fans of another console that i dont understand.

personally home is a feature that i wouldnt get alot of use from, same goes for NXE, i just like to be able to load up a game and play, but i far from hate either home or NXE, some people will make full use of the features and love them, others wont, but dont hate unless you have atleaste tried them.

Xi3642d ago

I have yet to see the value in it... It's like the penny arcade comic.

What I hate right now is all the ps3 fanboy's calling home the death of live and all the 360 fanboys calling it a second-life ripoff (SL > home)

SL1M DADDY3641d ago

Plain and simple. Home is an extension of the XMB and nothing more. Now, Live versus the PSN, that is a more true to life comparisone but at the moment and in all fairness, MS does not have anything like Home.

Nick2120043642d ago

After you guys listen to the podcast please be sure to leave comments letting me know how the show was.

ultimolu3642d ago

I like the podcast. It touched upon some issues, especially with Home. It's a beta. It will continue to grow. I've been stressing this since day one.

Nick2120043642d ago

Thank you and continue to stay tuned as we try to come out with a new episode every week.

SleekDeF3641d ago

wow they can make anything

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