Cliffy B Interview: Part 1

While the game-development community has thousands of incredibly talented craftspersons, grinding away at their respective products, few are as outspoken as Cliff Bleszinski. In fact, you probably know this personality by his abbreviated "single name," CliffyB.

TeamXbox's Will Tuttle and Andy Eddy caught some rays with him, poolside at the Green Valley Ranch resort in Vegas, where the D.I.C.E. Summit was being held, to ask him about the big award wins the previous night-they might as well have renamed the ceremony "The Gears of Awards"-a little teasing on the future of Gears of War and some dishing on the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3…and then the conversation took a few wild turns. Come sit in this lounge chair here, grab yourself an umbrella drink and check it out…

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Funky Town_TX4295d ago

How every interview with a PS3 dev is about the hardware. To me it's all about the dev. I think epic did a good job on Gears or War. I'm not a UT fan but I may check it out. Have you also noticed how they call UT 3 the game from the dev that made Gears or War. That seems a little funny to me. Unreal has been around for ever.

Tempo4295d ago

given the success of Gears of War perhaps they are hoping for some of that magic to rub off on the UT ip. My guess is they would be happy with unreal tournament if it only got half the numbers gears did.

dantesparda4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

They do that becuase UT is not as big on the consoles as it is on the PC, so on the PC you would hear "from the makers of UT", if they where annoucing GoW. Whereas on the console its the other way around. But unreal has been around much longer. GoW is more like a year old phenomenon

Silverwolf4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

I will be buying UT3! Graphic's look great and if they will be making the single player more interesting that's a plus.