PS3ThemeCreator 2.0 released

Hello PS3 folks!

has just released PS3ThemeCreator 2.0 just in time for the holidays

2.0 feature list:
*Support for FW2.5 icons.
*Support for sounds.
*Includes tool to convert audio file to **bleep** format.
*Drag and Drop images directly to the icons and backgrounds.
*New preview mode.
*Notification of missing icons on screen.
*Double clicking on p3t files will launch them directly in PS3ThemeCreator.

Enjoy and as usual your feedback and support is always welcomed!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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phosphor1123410d ago

CK YES! I've been waiting for drag n drop (yeah, im lazy lol, I already make my Icons, jeez).

Darkfocus3411d ago

when i read the title i thought we could finally make animated backgrounds. oh well :[
By the way custom themes are awesome and there free! ;)
still really want animated backgrounds like the original themes background though...

DNAgent3411d ago

lmao @ xbots who have been paying for their themes for years.

Gerry Mark II3411d ago

Yes and you can import someone elses themes and make your own modifications to it with backgrounds, icons and sounds.

Nogames08_09_360RROD3411d ago

Lol at the Xfag fuktard Bots that have to play for everything. If Micro$haft had the choice they would charge you to take a sh1t in the toliet.

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The story is too old to be commented.