Download Gran Turismo 5 Prologue this year?

Sony Computer Entertainment will bring a playable demo of the fifth Gran Turismo instalment to the PS3's online store this autumn, ahead of its release in Europe next year.

This is all according to French website Jeux-France, who report that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be on Japanese shelves before the end of this year.

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bigmack4243d ago

(PS3 owners ONLY) Isn't this the one we can download on the PSN? The GTHD 1.1v?

power0919994243d ago

The download is GTHD is it not?

This new download will be GT5 prologue. Two different games.

I could be wrong on this, but I believe this is correct.

Gamer134243d ago

I realy like GT3 and 4, what make this a hit game for me is the pitstop and some of the tuning of the cars.

IM OUT..//"""

CAPS LOCK4242d ago

gamer13 your absolutely correct! i loved grand truismo 3 but i didnt get a chance to play 4, i might play it on my psp some day, but i played all the grand truismo games and i can say that they are much better than froza and project gotham.

power0919994242d ago

Not hounding you on this, but why do you feel that GT series is better than Forza? (Really just curious)

I have been a long time fan of the whole GT series. However I played Forza for the first time about a month ago. Although GT I feel is still much nicer to look at. The fact that you can go online, highly customize your car, and have damage. These are things that made Forza better in my opinion.

What good does 1 million cars in a racing simulator do for you, if you can't even simulate damage?

Something I have always hated about GT.

These are my opinions, and overall I guess I would like to see GT with Forza's options.

Guess GT5 has some high standards to live up to.

DEIx15x84242d ago

I thought that the GT:HD was supposed to be the concept demo for GT5. So is this a second demo to be released for the game?

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