EA Games to release DRM-free titles on Steam

EA has signed on with Valve's highly popular digital distribution program Steam to distribute their games including recent releases, and with some added good news. Titles such as Spore and Mass Effect that have come under heavy fire for DRM usage, will no longer have any SecuROM protection. All games will use Steam's DRM.

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vitz33497d ago

I MIGHT consider purchasing an EA game now. BIG maybe tho. I'd be breaking 4 years of boycotting.

Dark_Overlord3497d ago

"All games will use Steam's DRM. "

WTF a big contradiction in the same paragraph

EvilCackle3497d ago

Not to mention this is news from Friday.

Strife Lives3497d ago

The Sims 3 to come DRM free.btw,didnt EA release a patch to erase the securom from Spore?

Dark_Overlord3497d ago

however Securom is still present

Rapture3333496d ago

Makes me want to get rid of my old Spore copy and buy the new no DRM Spore off Steam. I believe "Steams DRM" is as effective as it ever will get.