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Top 10 Games of 2008 That I Didn't Play

Spek from TrueGameHeadz writes:
"As each year goes by, it feels like the number of good games released over those 12 months just keeps rising. This year was no different. I would argue that it saw a bigger increase than previous years largely because of the influx of quality casual and indie games. I think nearly every gamer missed out on a game they planned to get because they didn't have the time, or saw yet another awesome game and just didn't have the resources to cop it. I was definitely a victim. I'm closing out the year with empty pockets, plenty of great games, and a stupid-long list of games I really wanted to play and didn't.

This is the top 10 games from that list..." (Culture, Left 4 Dead, No More Heroes, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Wii, Xbox 360)

Gerry Mark II  +   2131d ago
This comment was ment to go in Open Zone lol.

Mods delete this comment.
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Janitor  +   2131d ago
"I actually own the game. It’s sitting at home in my game drawer and it never managed to get into my PS3."

WTF???? Why pay 60 bucks for a game (which IMO,is probably one of,if not THE best of all time,and NEVER even play it once????
vudu  +   2131d ago
Exactly what I was going to say
This dude's credibility (if he had any) is gone after that statement.
WeaponX  +   2131d ago
I too
have MGS4(day 1 purchase) and have not played it. My reason:- dont know. i have alot of games that i have not played, but yet i buy new ones when they come out. My girls hates me for it, but hey i can afford to.
interrergator  +   2131d ago
as they say once u get a game u cant get off of it
Coolmanrico  +   2131d ago
Soul Calibur IV
is the only game on that list that I did play. Left for Dead is one I might pick up soon and I don't own a PS3 yet, so no MGS4 until sometime next year.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2131d ago
I didn't play any of those either lol. But I just got Dead Space, left 4 dead, fallout 3, soul Calibur IV are all on my top Gamefly list so I will play them soon hopefully.
bitboi  +   2131d ago
Quite frankly there was a sh*t load of a games that dropped within the last few of months and it's been hard to keep up with'em all. I miss the good old days of my youth when i lived at home with my parents and had the time to play games all day. Ahhh to be young again...
heyheyhey  +   2131d ago
how do you know if they are the top 10 if you haven't played them lol?
thelastawakening  +   2131d ago
10 . I don't play movie based games also played the demo , didn't care for it
9. never heard of it
8. Played it for a while, Those online bastards are just so damn cheap
7. I'll get in when its in the bargain bin, still wanna play it though it just doesn't have $60 worthy to me
6. although i don't own an xbox it deosn't appeal to me
5. I had wipeout HD to get my racer fix
4. Want to play it , love zombies, going back to statement # 6 no xbox
3. I started to play it today and i have to agree with his comment, just like oblivion in a different setting, I'm not that devoted, and its my roommates copy
2. Rented it , realized I'm a lazy gamer, good concept, but to much flailing of my arms, could only play it in small doses before i said fuk it
1. I can't knock this game, best game EVER!!!!!!! it just keeps you at the edge of ur sit, All fans of the core series shouldn't have a excuse not to play this game unless u don't own a ps3
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mastiffchild  +   2131d ago
He buys the best game of the year then doesn't play it? MGS4 isn't even the kind of whim purchase game that this might be possible for(I.e I got UT3 and didn't get round to it for an age because of huge COD4/Warhawk obsessions), it's the culmination of the most intensely crafted gaming series , springing from the mind of one genius dev,that has, in total , spanned two decades. It's smething you get because you HAVE to play it,HAVE to know what Kojima does with his characters. It's not just another shooter/another stealth game and it stands out on this list for these reasons. |Also don't get anyone with a Wii not having got NMH-what was he-stuck for choice?
bitboi  +   2131d ago
Believe it or not but some people don't quite have the love for MSG4 like some of us do. I have friends that own a ps3 and won't even touch the game, no matter how great i tell them it is. It's all a matter of opinion
omodis420  +   2131d ago
Anyone here play DARK SECTOR? Now that was a sweet game that no one played.
bitboi  +   2131d ago
i actually finished it and thought it was a decent action title. I just wish when you got the full suit you gained some new ability or something. And the ending was whack as hell.
Hockey11  +   2131d ago
unit did you play battlefield bad company? Because if you didn't you should.
dachiefsman  +   2131d ago
the writer of this blog/webpage article is a tool.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2131d ago

VforVideogames  +   2130d ago
Well i feel you , i have mgs too but i only played for less than an hour and same with lil'bigplanet, and now theyre just collecting dust just like my psp...........shame on me
Picnic  +   2130d ago
Call me old fashioned but I'd rather read about the games that somebody has played than the ones they haven't.

Otherwise it's like buying a newspaper and reading an article by a journalist saying 'These are the news stories that I would have liked to have covered today but I just couldn't be bothered'.
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