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New movement powers revealed in DC Universe Online

There hasn't been too much said about travel powers beyond flight and super-speed in DC Universe Online. Massively already knew that speedsters were going to be able to run up and down walls, but that was it. Chris Cao has taken care of their limited information with a DC Universe Online official blog post that reveals a new travel power and some more details.

The new power in question is acrobatics, which features things like double-jumping and air dashes. Chis also mentions that players would be able to "stick to an underpass" which should give Spider-man fans reason to be excited. Not that anyone should expect web slinging in DCUO, but it sounds like they'll be the next best thing. (DC Universe Online, PC, PS3)

mpmaley  +   2228d ago


Does not compute.

*head explodes*
sinncross  +   2228d ago
The author wasn't saying that Spider-man was in DCUO.
'Not that anyone should expect web slinging in DCUO, but it sounds like they'll be the next best thing. '

this gives it away. He was merely saying that ppl who wish to do Spider-man esque acrobatics in the sky etc will be able to perform similar movements in the game.

Spider-man was a reference, not a comicbook mistake of assuming he is a DC character.
jmiscavish  +   2228d ago
I'm just wondering how much it will cost per month.

Let me know when they release that news...

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