Phil Harrison: The Future is Now

IGN has a very interesting interview with Sony's very own Phil Harrison, the man in charge of SCEA's worldwide game studios, and even includes a playable video of the interview itself. Included are some detailed explanations on the PS3 version of popular franchise Singstar, as well as some comments on Microsoft's Halo franchise.

Harrison would not comment on the Killzone speculation, but dismissed the idea that Sony had to focus its planning to counteract Halo 3. "I have a great deal of respect for Halo, I think it's a great piece of software, but it's one title," Harrison said. "I think that it's very dangerous to build an entire brand personality or platform around a single title. At PlayStation what we have done successfully... is to create tremendously varied entertainment opportunities on our platforms that cover a lot of different bases, a lot of different game styles and as a result grow the market for a lot of different users. We've been very successful doing that. We'll continue to do that. And we would be very careless if we were to focus on one specific title."

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Boink4295d ago

one title can have a HUGE effect. remember what grand theft auto did for the ps2?

and they are not focusing on one title, of course they are going to hype it up as it will be a BIG seller. but they are hyping up plenty of other titles as well as what xbox live can do just as much.

PS360PCROCKS4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

Your kidding me right? It's HALO moron, it's bigger than any one title you have. (yes im aware of MGS and FF) I'm talking sales numbers and this game trumps them all. I understand what he's getting at, but Halo is a big deal for Microsoft cause it's the game that will sell atleast 3 million copies and a whole bunch of systems.

and just so you know DJ you've been reported. I know damn well the reason you posted this story was to irritate people and start more rediculous fights. It's not 360 news and shouldn't be in our section

DJ4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

as was Singstar. Thus it was my responsibility to include both in 'Related Content'. No need to become irritated over site policies.

kornbeaner4295d ago

Gran turismo is bigger then Halo on a world-wide scale so HALO is great for the MS consumers, but its small potatos when compared to some of the greats of all times. Mario, Final fantasy, Etc.
Don't get me wrong Halo3 is gonna be huge but it's not gonna turn non-xbox fans into 360 fans if the first 2 didn't even manage to do it.

PS360PCROCKS4295d ago

The only part about Halo was what you put on this page, it was a small paragraph, this is a PS interview.

THAMMER14295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

1st off great interview. It is easy to see the pressure on Sony right now. Before 2005 they had the easiest jobs in the world because people would buy anything from them with out batting an eye. They could say things like our console can sell with out games.

I remember at E3 2006 they were talking about entitlements which was their version of achievements. I guess we have to wait until they give us some real news about this.

Super rubadub and Sing star WTF. He says that the whole Xbox brand is centered around Halo and that is not true. He has a chip on his shoulder because Sony PS3 is not hot right now. This could change they could sell 3 million copies of Final Fantasy 13, or Super rubadub.

And he almost seemed to shrug off the fact that 3rd party games are being ripped away and PS2 owners are getting more and more reasons to buy 360 instead of the PS3. I know I could not be a member of the media because I would not avoid the real question that real people want to ask. Sony would avoid me like a dead beat DAD.

Back to what he said about Halo. Yes it is one price of software but is sells as good as Mario brothers. GTA is one piece of soft ware for that matter every games is one piece of soft ware. Some of them are O.K. most of them suck and very few have the effect that Halo has. Halo 3 has the ability to sell 10 million copies world wide. There are no other games this generation that is bigger than Halo at this moment. The beta is going to blow the doors right off. Every one will get to see what it is like for 2 - 3 moths then bam the real game is launched. What will Phil say then because nobody even cares about Kill zone? It can not even out sell Call of duty. Kill zone one is no better than the Red faction games and the red faction series and story line, and game play are almost the same.

Sony needs some real gamers running the show. You can tell they have no real clue at all. All they know is what Sony wants and that will not help then sell PS3’s. They need to get every one to want to be involved. WTD and too many people you tube for sing star to take off. Phil is Phil and he is apart of Sony which is seeming to fall apart as the days go by.

SEAN16174295d ago

ahh halo got no place close to marios 40million copies sold on the nes halo2 sold 8mill

techie4295d ago

Yes but interestingly - the only games to sell more than Halo 2 (8million) on the ps2 was Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas, and Vice City (around 12million each) and Gran Turismo 3 (11 million) - now playstation have lost exclusivity for Grand Theft Auto - and not even Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy outsold Halo 2... Just so you know.

Caxtus7504295d ago

...which is very good achievement for a game exclusive to one console that is not favorable in every region and had a smaller install base last gen.

I'm no fanboy. But seriously its in the top20 of all time?!? id consider realizing that before slating it again.

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