Clips: New God of War 2 Gameplay Footage

Here are some new gameplay vids of God of War 2.

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TheMART4322d ago


Go out and get one. For about 100 Euro/dollar you can get one. Get it together with a 360 for 400 bucks and you have a great gaming experience that's cheaper then a PS3 and is a better one of both worlds.

For real. Props to the PS2 and this game

EnforcerOfTheTruth4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

I hope you are aware that there will be a GOW3 on a PS3 ;)

LOL looks like MS fanboys can't stand the truth. I presented nothing but the naked truth in my last post and bang, down to 3 bubbles. It's not my fault you are the only pathetic fanboys which go to the rival console and spam/flame there. Truth hurts, isn't it?

kamakazi4322d ago

the games looking better and better. will look good on my PS3 sitting close to my 360 and Wii. yes yes will look good on my PS3

Kastrol4322d ago

This game shows that sony are still backing the PS2 and not throwing it to the scrap heap just because a new console has came out

cant wait for rouge galaxy to come out another great game for PS2

MySwordIsHeavenly4322d ago

Do you have a friend named Micah by chance? Just wondering.

Anyway, this is definitely a reason to buy a PS2...but who hasn't? I think the 720p thing is a freakin' awesome bonus and I love David Jaffe that much more for doing it. GOW3 will hopefully push PS3's too. And yes...rogue galaxy is actually really fun...especially for an RPG. Storyline's not the best, but it's great action. That's why Kingdom Hearts should get best RPG ever. It has a powerful storyline and amazing action.

I guess I'll be down to two bubbles now since I didn't praise the 360 in this post. Oh well...

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The story is too old to be commented.