Need for Speed Studio Is Officially Closed [Updated]

GCO had a chance to speak to an EA spokesperson and according to them, "Black box studios is not closed. It is going to relocate to [EA's] Burnaby facility in June 2009."

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Speed-Racer3651d ago

Well that BLOWS.... if Black box are gonna continue working on NFS...might as well they shut down the NFS brand anyway....gahh....only if Criterion could have taken over.

TheColbertinator3651d ago

Criterion taking over Need For Speed would be a dream come true

Danja3651d ago

Criterion will be working on the next NFS game...I read an article about it on N4G couple day back..too lazy to look for it though..XD

xwabbit3651d ago

Oh that would be awesome!!!

Speed-Racer3651d ago

@Danja - No, that was only speculation. I know what you're talking about as well...but no, Criterion isn't taking over. Theyre just moving.

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brandonb213651d ago

they just moved to different building in 2009

RainOfTerror3651d ago

yea, they never said they were closing the studio, the press release specifically said that they are moving the devs and ip to another location.

All you did was jump to conclusions, and did not read the official statement properly.

Heldrasil3651d ago

Most people go by what the title says, and I don't blame them. The blame should be labeled on the ass that made the incorrect assumption through naming the post.

TIKUP3651d ago

YESSSSSSSSSSS they havnt closed because i really want skate 2!!!!

Xman12313651d ago

well i did here they were making t new NFS titles but i kind of hope its another NFS Prostreet and yes i know people i said prostreet was bad well thats what people said because there was no cops of free roam but the game was good but i hope they annoced the new NFS title soon.

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