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Xbox 360 Price Drop This Xmas

It looks like Microsoft is planning to crash Sony's PS3 launch party by dropping the price of the Xbox 360 this coming Christmas. A source close to Microsoft says consumers can expect a price drop of almost $100.

The source also revealed according to that the Xbox 360 hardware team are now busy redesigning the chips supplied by ATI and IBM to cut costs and allow a price drop to coincide with the release of Sony's Playstation 3. 

If this holds true you will be able to buy an Xbox 360 for half the price of the PS3 this Xmas. This will certainly put Microsoft in a very lucrative position when the next-gen console war starts for real later this year.

Source: (Xbox 360)

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OutLaw  +   3328d ago
Smart move
MS will do anything to make sure the 360 survive. They're a very organized company. There will be no reason why parents can't afford a 360 now for their children.
TheMART  +   3328d ago
Well there are enough parents with childeren that can just get around with their money in a month. Live is expensive and in USA with less government social care it's even worse then overhere in Europe.

For many parents, even 250 Euro's, plus some games will make 400 dollar/euro's easy and that's a lot for many people. Luckely not for me and you I read here.

But there will be many reasons for many parents to buy a XBOX for 80 Euro's now here in The Netherlands instead of a 360 I bet...
speed  +   3328d ago
I smell death
for the GayStation 3...
BOOSTIN  +   3328d ago
what he said ^^^^
sony is going to be in deep poo poo. ps3 may go down like the dreamcast
Fuzz McDeath  +   3328d ago
I wonder if is just late gettong on this news bandwagon?

Rumors to this effect hit weeks ago when MS announced that their chip manufacturing was going from 90 to 65nm.

Also, the quote on their site from the "inside source" reads an awful lot like an financial analysis, also, it talks about '2006' in the future tense - IMO, I think this quote is about a year old (probably back when sony was still considering a Spring launch and all the analysts were chiming in)

Anyway, although redesigning/remanufacturing the chipset does reduce costs, there is no reason MS has to pass those savings along to the consumer. They'll probably put more money in their own pockets. The reason I say this is that the XBOX is already 100-200 dollars U.S. cheaper than the PS3 and MS will probably see how sales go at that price difference before they go dropping prices for no reason. They will only drop the price if sales decline because of the PS3.
That, or it is possible that this will be a Europe only price drop. Dropping the price in the EU would bring the console in line with US pricing (something EU gamers frequently complain about - higher prices in the EU result from higher tarriffs on imported consumer electronics - not because MS just wants to charge more). MS has already stated that America and EU are more important markets than Japan (becasue they are both larger and are growing, as opposed to declining like the Japanese gaming market).
Anyway, we'll see I suppose. I've already got my 360 and I'm delighted with it.
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shotty  +   3328d ago
If you have seen history then you know 6 months after release microsoft dropped the price of the original xbox by $100. This time it's 1 year later. Unlike sony, microsoft doesn't really care about profits as you can see from the last generation.
Lucidmantra  +   3328d ago
They are doing this because they consider that if they sell 10 million consoles they are at about the break even point to miniturize and slash the price. MS has already said they are making the smaller chips and as such it will contribute to their ability to lower the price due to the fact they are getting a higher yield on chips due to being able to manufacture more per waffer. Sony has said they can miniturize next year also. But i doubt it will be before christmas 2007.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
You said the price drop is just for europe
No I dont think so. They said dollars. I'm pretty sure that if it was just for the europe they would have said it euros or pounds.
silent ninja  +   3328d ago
can now spend the extra $100 to buy more games IF its true of course lol
TheMART  +   3328d ago
They won't cut the price with 100 dollars for sure.

These are rumours going round for a long time, but are totally based on no real facts.

There's no use either. It's already 200 dollars cheaper then it's main upcoming if not delayed or cancelled competition.

If they cut prices, it will be 50 Euro's I think on Premium, to get it @ 349 Euro's. The Core could be pushed to get some marketshare on the bottem of the market in Wii markets, so maybe we see there something close to 100 dollar cut just about 219 or 229 Euro's. Maybe just the 249 Also 50 dollar cut so it's head to head with the Wii.

But 100 dollar on the premium? I don't see it happen. Maybe special packs will come out also, with 2 WiFi controllers, and ofcourse special Gears of War packs, with a unique GoW front on the 360, the game and so on. Expect the same of Halo 3 to come also in 2007
Aflac  +   3328d ago
I hope this is true...
I have a bunch of friends that r trying to save up for a 360, and have enough $$ for games, a 100$ price drop would be a big help, not only to my friends, but to millions of ppl trying to save up! by next yr, 360 will probly be outselling all other systems (except the wii, tons of ppl r getting that system alone or along with 360s, and few along with gaystation 3's).
shotty  +   3328d ago
Same my friends all want to pick it up aswell, they just need to cough up the money
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3328d ago
yep, my friends are the same.
Marty8370  +   3328d ago
No way will M$ drop price of X360 by $100,they are already loosing $100+ on each console now.Gates maybe rich but he's not dumb.The only time X360 will reduce in price is 2007 when they make the switch to 65nm.
The BS Police  +   3328d ago
I fogot about that...
Yeah i agree, i almost forgot that they were gonna be using "65nm" to cut manufacturing costs!
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3328d ago
sorry PS3fan
cost reduction has been in effect from day one- they can cut the price.

clayton  +   3328d ago
Won't you look stupid
When you purchase a PS3 for $500-$600 plus games nd accessories for over a $1000, LOL. I can hear him crying already.
TheMART  +   3328d ago
The big problem for competition like Sony is, they loose even more on a console, like over 200 dollars and can't cut prices real soon. So MS has the best cost/profit combination and it's console is already on the market.

It's not looking good for Sony at all
FamoAmo  +   3328d ago
Your wrong PS3FAN----this is what MS will do
With MS getting a better price on the chips they will drop the price for sure!! This isn't speculation its been rumored for months now and With the 100$ price cut they will bundle the console with GOW and with the game the console might be 50$ cheaper!! MS is gonna bundle the console with either the camera or GOW!!!
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
Analysts have said Microsoft is only losing about 125 per console and sony will be about 300-400 And sony is expected to lose money in the billions by the end of this year.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3328d ago
Sorry I have to do this, GOD PS3 FAN WHY ARE YOU IN OUR FORUMS, WAHHH WAHHHH WAHHH, these are only for us, why do you have to come here, to start fights? Your just sad cause the ps3 isn't out yet and you know it sucks so you want a 360 but won't admit it, DAMN that felt good, how's it feel lmao
thetruth  +   3328d ago
this is great
Lol, maybe i should sell my 360 now and buy a new one later in the year. Then i can have a 360 and a PS3!
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TheMART  +   3328d ago
So you're expecting to sell your 360 for the same price as a new one? Think again. You'll loose on that also 50 to 100 Euro's/dollars so there's no gain inthere.

Furthermore, with 100 dollar/euro you just get one controller for the PSZero, that's like a drop of water on a hot plate. Console PSZero+ extra controller+some games easily get you up to 1.000 dollars/euro's
Moostache  +   3328d ago
I have heard these rumors for a long time and I guarantee in the next 24-48 hours you will find an article or news story here from a MS exec. denying this report.

That doesn't mean it won't happen, but it certainly won't be announced now! That would be suicide for sales numbers the rest of the summer as people would simply decide to wait until the announced price drop took effect.

Now, I believe whole heartedly that what is going to happen is this:

HD-DVD add-on announced at $175 in order to remain price-competitive with the PS3. The only way for MS to avoid getting hammered is for the HD-DVD to come to market at $100 (thus staying at the same price point as the tard-pack PS3), and I can't see that happening. The HD-DVD option is nice to have available, but I think ti will ultimately be a failure due to a likely high price tag and low adoption rate - in reality, I bought a 360 to game on, not watch movies on anyway.

Price drop in 2007 (late-summer, early-fall) from $399 to $349 (premium), announcement that Core models will stop production in summer 2007

Price drop in 2008 (late-summer, early-fall again) from $349 to $299, announcement that HD-DVD add-on will also drop from $199 to $149.

Final price drop in 2010 (as the newly announced follow-up console is beginning to gear up hype) from $299 to $199.

We'll see in the future, but I would be stunned to see a price drop on the 360 now....
Xtrm L1481L1TY  +   3328d ago
Good analysis.
That sounds realistic. I would agree with something on that level. MS has to make a buck as well.
Wotbot  +   3328d ago
Kind of agree
I think they will drop the price for the 360 towards the end of this year but not by $100, but maybe $50. They are purchasing more chips at one time and as a result they are getting them at a cheaper price break. It would make sense the more they manufacture the cheaper it becomes. Not only that, the technologies they use becomes cheaper as well.

MS should cut the cost for the consumers and not because of the launch of PS3.

The ps3 at the moment will not offer any better graphical games, and that is what most causal gamers will look at. It will have all the good 3rd party games. So if you look at this, there are no real reasons to cut costs. But it will be nice if they do for all the gamers who don't have full time jobs.
Xtrm L1481L1TY  +   3328d ago
Wii60 anybody?
This would put the premium 360 just a tiny bit above the Wii in pricing with the core possibly below the Wii price point. I'm expecting the Wii at $299 if the guesstimated specs hold true.
The Real Deal  +   3328d ago
Bad News for SONY
Wow...I believe its true. Microsoft always has tricks up its sleve. This is a big one. Sony Fanboys got to be sick to their stomache if it pans out like I beieve it will. 299 for an xbox 360 premium. 200 dollars less than the core ps3 and half the price of ps3's premium. That is smart. They just want to beat SONY. Whether they can overtake them or not isn't important this gen. But Microsoft will definately cut into a big chunk of sony fans that will not go from spending 130 for a ps2/novelty item and a 600 dollar plus ps3 when they can get next gen gaming for half the price. 90 % of consumers will ALWAYS buy the cheaper option. I can't wait for the ps3 launch. I'm curious if they can launch on time with games only at 30 % completion a few months before launch. And at the ps3 launch the 360 will have many many top rated games and a bigger hard drive ad on...80 gig and 120 gig. Seagate bought out Maxter hard drive makers so the drive for the 360 will be cheaper to the consumer as well. 360 will also have the hd dvd drive available and the x vision camera available. Its going to be FUN to watch unfold.
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THELANDSOFSAND  +   3328d ago
take that Sony!

a $200 core unit! nicely in line with the wii's $199. should make PS3 look [more] ridiculous.
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dfb1977  +   3328d ago
Probably a lot to this
True MS probably do lose $100 per unit sold but then the real money is not in the 360 itself but in the accessories, games and Live. Trust me, per unit they make back that $100 probably 3 times over, and continue to make profit every year you subscribe to Live make the odd theme, Arcade purchase etc. Initial 1st year outlay for a 360 is probably around $600-$700 once you factor all this in plus ongoing 'extras' purchases. They will probably reduce the price by $50 - $70 to get market share and watch the money roll in from periphal and live sales. This is a very clever strategy that will make MS alot of money.
TheMART  +   3328d ago
You forget all those extra's also have cost prices, it's not all net profit.

A controller cost 45 Euro's (WiFi) and will be around 5 to 10 Euro to make. But then distribution, packiging, gross salers, retailers. Net profit will be somewhere around 15 Euro's per controller.

A game about 10 Euro's for MS.

Let's say everybody buys one controller and 4 games the first year. That makes 65 Euro net profit extra which will not make the loss on the 360 console dissapear
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
And remember microsoft points, 50 dollar subscription,3 accesories attach rate per console, 4.5 games attach rate per console.
TheMART  +   3328d ago
Well that could be a real average, but let's say what I see is not like that. I have one extra controller as my friends also have 2 now. That's about it with extra hardware.

Then XBOX Live. Anyone who pays 60 dollars is not smart enough. Get yourself an XBOX 1 special offer. I had for example Ralli Sport Challenge 2 + 12 month Live/year + a xbox 1 headset voor 29,95 Euro's. Or Splinter Cell newest one + 3 month live +headset xbox 1 for 13,99 Euro's. So I'll have Live on my old xbox and my new 360.

Have to score some special offers again they stay usable a loooonnggg time

But still, the retail price of things is not all profit for MS. So let's say each piece they sell on software or hardware generally give them 10 to 20 Euro's of profit. The expensive version of the webcam maybe more. But still. It needs a lot of time before getting real good profit
Wotbot  +   3328d ago
360 for £320
I was in Game today, and while in there some chap aged around 40-45(looked like a causal gamer) was buying a 360. He commented on how expensive the system was, but he thought is was a good time to buy a next gen console because he wanted to play Ghost Recon and PGR3.

I can only imagine what casual gamers are going to think when they find out the cost for a PS3 and 1 game.

£320 for a 360 prem pack and 2 games is a price I believe to be the limit for causal gamers. And maybe some parents.

£475 for a ps3 and 1 game is too much for causal gamers if you ask me. The hardcore gamer of course will buy.

So while the 360 price is still a lot, it is at a good level when compared to the ps3.

If MS do drop the price it will make purchasing the 360 a little easier.
Marriot VP  +   3328d ago
wow, this is great but it does have its drawbacks. Like too many people waiting till CHRISTmas to buy a 360 will lead to shortages. Instead of people buying steadily.

I'd say a 50 dollar drop is reasonable. A 100 dollar drop is monumental.
FamoAmo  +   3328d ago
I can see MS dropping the price 50$ and bundleing the console with the camera or GOW!! Now with MS bundleing the console and dropping the price $50 would be killer!! IF this happens MS will kill the Sony around the holiday's!!! Not the launch b/c they will sell out but after that MS will kill!
RBlaze  +   3328d ago
I just hope....
...that they sort out some of the problems with the 360. I recently recieved the 'three lights of doom', and though they are repairing/replacing the console free of charge, i didnt enjoy the hassle. Being a BIG 360 fan its nulled out some gaming time!!
TMoney  +   3328d ago
What reason?
Let's think about this for a minute. A price drop during this year's holidays to coincide with the PS3 launch? WHY? A price drop of any amount during the launch of the PS3 makes absolutely no sense.
Most consumers that plan to buy a PS3 at $600+ this holiday are early adopters/avid gaming fans. The price of the PS3 matters little to these consumers. And the price of the 360 (no matter how low) will not deter those consumers from buying a PS3.
A price drop for the 360 is inevitable, however, it will be for a good reason. I predict the 360 price will be lowered during the holiday's of 2007 when the general consumer is looking to add a next gen console into their homes. At that point, the price of the console will make a big difference in the decision.
RBlaze  +   3328d ago
You gotta think bout the parents though. I remember back in the launch of the Sega Saturn, when every kid wanted one, even though it cost absolutely loads!(here in the UK anyway). Their parents had to say no!. Now though, we know loadsa kids own PS1/PS2, and theyl want the 3rd, but the parents (again), cant pay out, and will look for the cheaper option (ie Wii or 360).
FamoAmo  +   3328d ago
dropping the price around PS3 launch is GREAT IDEA
Duh!! Tmoney- Why doesn't it make sense b/c you want a ps3 or you are a Sony fanboy? A price drop ever is great and a price drop before or around the ps3 launch is huge and might make more people want the 360!!!
Marriot VP  +   3328d ago
TMoney, I get what your saying and I partially agree. MS will do this to just seal the deal. They certainely didn't have to, but it's a way to better define themselves against the Wii low price and high PS3 price.
TMoney  +   3328d ago
Don't let wishful thinking interfere with good business strategy.
To "FAMOAMO": I get accused of being a Sony fanboy or having some kind of agenda just because I make an observation/opinion about a 360 price drop rumor that may not be agreeable to some? Grow up. Don't confuse wishful thinking with good business strategy.
It's about the timing. A price drop by MS during the PS3 launch is counter intuitive to smart business strategy. The 360 is already $200 cheaper than the upcoming PS3. The 360 already wins the price battle at the Sony launch. The initial PS3 units sold during holiday 2006 will be made from avid fans/early adopters, therefore a 360 price drop will have little consequence.
From a consumer's perspective, it always seems like a great idea with a price drop. However, from the manufacturer's perspective, a price drop should only be used as a competitive weapon when it would do the most good. And a price drop in 2006 is too early.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
I agree Tmoney
It doesnt matter how low the 360 is because people will buy the ps3 anyway. However, you have to consider the normal ps3 fans that wont be able to get one as wel. If they saw a 349.00 dollar next gen console after being pissed by shortages you never know. Also this isnt to not only counter sony but simply to sell consoles anyway. Like some people already said, there are people saving up for one and a price drop would help. And lets be real no matter what the business move good or bad, a price drop is always good for consumers.
TMoney  +   3328d ago
Stating the obvious
Of course, a price drop is good for consumers. But lets also be honest that a price drop this early in the product life cycle of the 360 would be idiotic. Talk about shooting your load too early! MS dropping the price this early would be like a general commanding his entire army to charge headlong into battle without maintaining any reserves. If I were a marketing exec at MS making a such a suggestion without a tangible strategy other than, "it would be great for consumers" or "it would sell more 360's", I would be handed my pink slip by the end of the day.
USMChardcharger  +   3328d ago
you guys think this is true?
i don't see why they would need to do this. the 360 is already so much cheaper.
MissAubrey  +   3328d ago
Hopefully my poor ass friends and cousins can get one!
kingboy  +   3328d ago
ps2 will still beat it on every battle lol! no need.
clayton  +   3328d ago
Yeah right
If it does it is because sony fanboyz can't afford a hdtv.
Lucidmantra  +   3328d ago
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
Aflac  +   3328d ago
the true reasons why the ps2 is outselling 360
360 is STILL not as easily mass produced to be shipped in large #'s, unlike ps2 which can be mass produced a heck of a lot quicker, also, ppls ps2s r still breaking, and a lotta people are still saving up for a 360 and want to have enuff $$ left for games and accessories (DUH).

Why do u see 360s on shelves?
Answer: a lot of ppl are unaware of the fact that the 360 is being shipped to stores (in small #s, generally 4-8) on a more frequent basis (by the time the sell out, more come in anyway, DUH!!!)

Honestly, why do I have to be the one to point out the obvious.
Lucidmantra  +   3328d ago
I dont think it is obvious at all. Nobody said they are going to change the outward appearance of the system at all... miniturization will save them money on the parts of the system that are costly to them.

Ps2 is a thing of the past... there will be less and less games for it as Sony tris to recoup the massive money it spent on the PS3. Sure there are 1000 million of them outthere somewhere but you know what there are tons of PSones still out there somewhere and ataris and etc. etc. they all died and are on ebay i guess. Sony will do a little to support it but their bets are on PS3 since it is the second console they designed to take over for the PS2. It costed them a assload of money and they are gonna want that back.

360 getting a price chop will put even more stress on SOny's already tender position and with Ken K. already not making CEO of Sony his job is on the line, after the millions he has spent. I personally think hge will be safe but you never do know do you. Also I goto Best Buy, and frys on a very regular basis and there are alot of 360's there. There was a stack of 45 or so there a week ago and there was only about 6 left yesterday when I went to check on a new cellular.
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96impala  +   3328d ago
If MS do any price drops, i dont see them doing more than $20.00. After all its still a new system it'll be around a year old and if we really wanted to go there then $50.00 at best. But $100.00 for the first price drop i dont eveeeen see that happening.
Lucidmantra  +   3328d ago
$20... that aint crap bro my bet is at least $50.
logic  +   3328d ago
a big evil plot
I think this rumor is all an evil plot by Sony. They are spreading this lie so that people will wait until Christmas to purchase and then Microsoft wont meet their 10 million units sold mark.

Its an impressive plan because it will also have the result of people getting mad at Christmas when the price s not dropped.
Lucidmantra  +   3328d ago
yeah but as long as MS says nothing they are not to blame and they can state as much. Hell they can take out FULL Page ads in newspapers and ads on websites if they wanted.
REDMOND BOYZZ  +   3328d ago
I almost completely agree with you Spoc/logic, the PS3 spring launch was a shaddy plot/ploy by Sony to keep people from buying a 360 when they knew they had all sorts of bussiness matters and technical issues to work out. Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball
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Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
You guys are right. All I know is I want Microsoft to win this next gen because of their effort and because of sony constant telling of bs. I dont want sony to go bankrut becaus competition is good but we all know who ever has the best market share gets the most games. cough ps2 cough and thats what I want the most games on MY console.
#22.3 (Edited 3328d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3328d ago
Did anybody notice
That there is no link or anything as to where this is from, they just simply posted this. What logic said is looking more and more like the truth.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3328d ago
who knows if it happens, if it does that is good for people to buy it
The Real Deal  +   3328d ago are claiming that they have a source close to Microsoft who have said that a newer, cheaper version of the Xbox 360 should be available about 1 year after launch (i.e. around November 2006).
Daewoodrow  +   3328d ago
I think the article is bogus, but I do think they will drop the price at xmas, just not by $100. It makes business sense, to remind everyone the 360 is still there after PS3 launches. I've said it before, there's no way they'd announce a $100 price cut so soon, people would stop buying them to wait for the drop. You see, Microsoft will denounce the story soon enough. But mark my words, there will be a small price drop around christmas.
Master of Menace  +   3328d ago
Big Deal!
3 months after XBOX release, they had to almost halve the price, because it wasn't selling. And the so called PS2 Killer, still didn't beat PS2. The fact that Microsoft is dropping the price, just shows you how concerned they are. Concerned that is, of PS3 kicking serious butt. Pretty soon, they'll be giving it away.
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The BS Police  +   3328d ago
Thats odd...
The last time I checked the PS2 only outsold the XBOX 360 on 1 monh since launch, and that was last month when the PS2 had a price Drop!
Marriot VP  +   3328d ago
master you are retarded. If the 360 had infinite supply for the high demand the PS2 wouldn't stand a chance.

Case closed, you can't compare an Old gen console with a new one. 300 dollar difference.
zinnia  +   3328d ago
Lashing out in fear
You mean concerned like the way Sony was when they added the modifacations to the PS3 like the tilt pad and the OS and the two SKU's not to mention the guid like button. Sony's been in around in gaming for 10 years theres nothing wrong with being carful it's Sony thats on the run. And you know their trying to add the features that HD-DVD has over Blu-ray.
Master of Menace  +   3328d ago
Sony on the run. Ha!
The tilt pad wasn't just an after thought. It has been patented since 1999. Blu-ray is superior to HD-DVD, higher resolutions, and more storage space. Look at current software sales figures and see who is dominating the charts. Sony aren't running anywhere. It's Microsoft that are trying to catch up, and in a big way. Good luck to them. To BS Police, can you read I said XBOX release not 360 release.
#28.1 (Edited 3328d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Aflac  +   3327d ago
Master, you're dumber than a friggin doorknob!
HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have the same resolutions, it's just a small storage capacity difference (HD-DVD can be triple layered to hold 45GB).

The Only true reason why ps2 beat the xbox was because they had over a year to get ahead, getting early adopters, the lies they spread about dremacast and blackmailing stores to spread false rumours and cut advertising of dreamcast and hide it in the back. Then, of course sony rushed their launch and over a third of the first shipment was defective, and sony got ppl to just buy new ones several times over--thats the true reason it sold so much--the same ppl buying it over and over!!! Xbox had a very small number of defective units, and they fixed the problem within a month (certain ppl lead me to believe that the problem wouldnt be fixed, so i got a lousy ps2 instead, but this generation, I have seen the light).
Master of Menace  +   3320d ago
Sir Nathaniel.
You really believe that bull don't you.
ernande  +   3328d ago
Highly unlikely. Technically the PS3 and Wii will be released by December, however they will be unavailable to track down. Why should MS lower the price tag during the big holiday season when their competition won't even be found on store shelves??

Perfect opportunity to cash in on the availability of the 360. Then, once production ramps up for the PS3 and Wii, MS drops the price.

For those of you who think you'll have a PS3 or Wii in December, keep dreaming. Sony and Nintendo are loyal to Japanese gamers. The bulk of their systems will hit Japan.
indabayou  +   3328d ago
if they do lower by 100 how about this the premium 360 is 299.99 and the hd dvd add on is 200.00...which makes it ummmmmmm 5499.99....the price of the ps3 big sku....dang...that would be beautiful wouldn't it....just think about it a game system and a high def dvd player all for under 600 dollars...u have to get a game or a couple of movies
G_CodeMonkey  +   3327d ago
$200 for HD-DVD?
First, the HD-DVD is an option, as opposed to mandatory for Sony. As a consumer, I appreciate that--to see which (if either) format wins the war. Personally, I still like my regular DVD. And for price, it hasn't been stated yet (unless you have a reliable source). If I were M$ (which I'm not), I'd price it at $99, or $129 tops to compete very favorably against the PS3.
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